Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021 — compact crossover or Tharu restyling.
Volkswagen Amarok is a thing of the past. The Germans sold the rights to GM and we will tell you about the further fate of the model later, but for now another question has ripened in the air — who will take its place on the production line?

VW representatives have already given an answer. A new global model, the Volkswagen Tarek, will be launched by the end of the year. The assembly will be established in Argentina, Mexico, China and Russia. In the last two countries, the novelty will be named Tharu.
What is the new model? When released? And most importantly: how much will it cost? We will answer all this below.

Technical stuffing

Taru is positioned by the company as a budget SUV, which is definitely a good chance for the Russian market to get something acceptable at the best price, especially given the unfavorable exchange rate of the domestic currency.

Although no big details have been disclosed, there is nothing to talk about offhand. There are enough similar solutions from VW, for example, Skoda Karoq, with which the novelty has a lot in common:

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

MQB trolley;
Independent suspension from MacPherson struts at the front and four-link at the rear;
Disc brakes in a circle (front ventilated, if you’re lucky);
Front-wheel drive in the base, full in the top;
6- and 8-band automatic, depending on the power unit.

The information about the power units is not accurate. We will receive confirmation or refutation closer to the launch of the production line in Nizhny Novgorod. In the meantime, rumors talk about 1.4 liters. turbo engine with 150 hp in the base and about 2.0 liters. option for 180 hp in the top.

Actually, these are the same engines that can be seen in the Tiguan and Karoq. Concern VAG in its repertoire. Although the low cost of development has a positive effect on the final price tag.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

Onboard equipment

As for the onboard equipment, there is still little specificity. During the «raw» presentation right on the territory of the plant in Argentina, nothing was really shown, but a couple of points were told.

For example, what Volkswagen Tarek will receive:

Cruise control (most likely 1st generation);
Heated multimedia wheel;
Heated electrically adjustable front seats;
2-zone climate control;
Exchange rate stability system;
A multimedia system with an 8-inch touchscreen, the ability to connect smartphones on IOS and Android + Wi-Fi hotspot.

Naturally, all of the above applies to the top-end configuration. We will find out later how poor everything will be in the database.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.

Body and dimensions

In terms of appearance, as well as in technology, there is not much to talk about. The Tarek has become a common blend of the group’s other vehicles. The silhouette painfully resembles the Skoda Karoq. When will the official promo be sure to compare.

Otherwise, everyone is familiar with a false grille, rectangular optics, massive arches upholstered with plastic, roof rails and chrome window trim.

Although not everything is so simple. There is information that the Tarek will be sold in three finishes:

No chrome elements on 15-inch rims (painfully similar to Mexican photos);
Without chrome, but with roof rails, a hatch with 16-inch wheels;
And the top version with a panoramic roof and chrome elements.

Also, judging by the render, you can expect a variant with the R-line package. Plus, a similar model was captured in Mexico, but with a seriously changed front part. So the final design is out of the question.
The dimensions became known even during the presentation in Argentina.

Volkswagen Tarek 2021.


As for the insides of the car, the situation is simpler. Photos of the new Tarek were leaked a week ago. And here there are already doubts about the positioning of the SUV as a budget model.

In comparison with the Russian Jetta, where even a screen is not provided (in the base), there is an 8-inch touchscreen display, a 3.5-inch on-board computer screen, and wide «near sports» seats in the first row, and high-quality fabric trim with good plastic … Plus there is talk of a complete set with a leather interior and metal inserts.

In general, the interior is in the spirit of VW — rigor, simplicity and thoughtful ergonomics. About the volume, 455 liters are declared. luggage compartment and 1540 liters. in case the rear sofa is folded. There are no photos of the latter yet, but it will definitely be 3-seater.


Given the positioning of the model and all the rumors circulating on the net, the Tharu presumably will be in the same class as the Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4 and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. But we will not say for sure yet.

Price and start date of sales

As for the date of the start of sales, there are also no clarifications yet. As well as not heard about the work carried out at the facilities of GAZ to adjust the assembly line. So the start of sales in Russia will most likely take place in 2021.

But in Mexico and Argentina they are working in an accelerated mode. There, assembly has already begun and the market launch is scheduled for fall 2020. So in a couple of months we will have more information.

There is no certainty about the prices. In China they say that the price tag for VW Tarek will be in the region of 1.87 million rubles, in the US a check for 1.75 million is expected, and our dealers are counting on 1.5 million rubles.

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