Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

Large crossover Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 first shown on the official teaser. Announced date of presentation of the model.

Co-developed FAW and Volkswagen new crossover Volkswagen Tavendor 2023 will be officially unveiled on August 29.

This became known thanks to a teaser published by Volkswagen a few hours ago.

Note that this is the first official teaser of the new crossover, although previously its images appeared in the database of the Ministry of Industry of China, it happened back in May this year.

The presented teaser shows that the novelty will receive a large number of luminous elements on the body.

Thus, here we can see that the headlights are united with an LED strip, the same LED strips go far to the front fenders.

You can see the illumination of the door handles, the brand logo, as well as the area of the headlights.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

Having worked with a teaser in a graphic editor, we managed to make it brighter, which allowed a more detailed discernment of the crossover design.

Thus, it becomes clear that it will get roof rails, and two-tone, contrasting color of the body.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

The front end is made in Volkswagen family style. Earlier, the base of the Ministry of Industry of China reported that the model is based on the large Volkswagen Teramont X and got the following dimensions — 4936/2015/1756 mm, which is the length, width and height, respectively. The length of the wheelbase is 2980 mm.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

Despite such large body and wheelbase dimensions, it is reported that the new Tavendor will be a 5-seat model.

It is expected that the main market will be China. Also the Ministry of Industry of China has shared information about the new crossover’s engine range.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2023.

It consists of a single engine, which generates different power.

Its volume is 2.0 liters, it is equipped with a turbocharger and produces 186 hp. For the more expensive versions it is boosted to 220 hp.

No matter how much «horsepower» the engine is combined with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Also buyers will be given a choice between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.

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