Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

The seven-seat all-wheel drive Volkswagen Teramont 2023 has started selling on the market.

The seven-seat crossover Volkswagen Teramont of Chinese assembly has started to go on sale in the market of the country.

Until March 2022, the German automaker was selling the dimensional crossover, which was supplied to dealers from the U.S. auto plant.

Due to the sanctions and the geopolitical situation in the world, this model is no longer sold through official supply channels.

Since January 2023, the model has been brought from the Chinese automobile plant.

The Chinese version of the 2023 model year has already appeared in dealerships in the Far East.

It has differences from the previous version of the model. Now Russians can order a four-wheel drive model in the Exclusive version with three rows of passenger seats.

It is powered by a two-liter gasoline engine that produces 220 horsepower along with a seven-speed robot. It is possible to buy it for 6 million rubles.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

The list of features of the model includes: three-zone climate control, intelligent «cruise», the option of 360 degree view, 20 inch wheel disks, leather interior, heated seats with ventilation option.

There is also a list of modern assistants for the driver, in particular, this is an automatic parking and assistance when driving uphill and downhill.

The exterior of the Chinese version can be distinguished from the U.S. assembly by a re-designed head end, where there is a two-tiered optics.

There are differences in the interior design. For example, the touchscreen infotainment system is not integrated into the head panel.

It is located separately. The air deflectors are designed differently, and the tunnel in the center has a small gearbox joystick.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.


The new 2023 model year Volkswagen Terramont body is based on the MQB modular architecture with a transverse powertrain.

Its body is made with extensive use of high-strength steel grades. The suspension of the model is fully independent with McPherson struts in the front and multilever in the rear.

Both axles of the vehicle are equipped with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and transverse stabilizers. As for brakes, the «German» has disc brakes (ventilated on the front wheels).

All-terrain vehicle by default has all-wheel drive 4Motion with multidisk Haldex coupling of the sixth generation.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

In normal conditions, this transmission transmits all the power to the front wheels, while the connection of the rear axle is only when necessary (if the road conditions require it).

Dimensions and engines

Crossover Volkswagen Teramont 2023 after the restyling has the following dimensions, mm

Length — 5,097
Width — 1 990
Height — 1 777
Wheelbase — 2 978
Ground clearance — 198

German all-terrain vehicle can boast a capacious trunk, the volume of which is 583 liters with a standard seven-seat layout.

With folded seats of the rear compartment the «hold» capacity is 1,500 liters, and if you also fold the second row — you will get 2,741-liter compartment.

The car has a 74-liter fuel tank, thus the variant with a base engine has curb weight at the level of 2 078 kg, and with a top engine — 2 125 kg.

Volkswagen Teramont 2023.

The new Volkswagen Teramont is offered with two petrol engines to choose from that work in conjunction with an eight-speed automatic and a four-wheel drive system.

The base engine is a 2.0-liter «turbo four» rated at 220 hp (350 Nm). With it, a large crossover can accelerate from zero to a hundred in 8.6 seconds and its top speed reaches 190 km/h.

The top version is due to the 3,6-liter atmospheric V6 engine, which is de-force up to taxable 249 powers and 360 Nm of torque. From 0-100 km/h, this variant accelerates in 9.3 seconds, and its top speed is the same 190 kilometers per hour.


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