Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

Volkswagen began selling the crossover Tharu 2022 model year: equipment and prices.

Today in China has launched sales of the Volkswagen Tharu 2022 model year. The car is available to buyers in seven versions.

The cost of the German novelty ranges from 156,600 to 214,600 yuan, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to 2.5 — 3.5 million rubles.

It is worth saying that externally the car has not changed at all. As before, the Parkette has united with the headlamps elongated grille and the front bumper has a rather large air intake and a pair of rectangular holes needed to cool the brakes.

The same applies to the stern of the parkette. In the rear, the manufacturer has placed separate lights.

And the roof is decorated with a compact spoiler with an additional brake light and rails. In the rear bumper are built two rectangular exhaust system spigots, bifurcated on the sides.

The developer did not modernize the interior.

VW Tharu 2022 model year is equipped with a virtual dashboard, 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system and three-spoke multicool with a flat bottom.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

As a whole, the interior of the «German» looks conservative enough. As for the equipment, the model is put on adaptive cruise control, which is able to independently adjust the speed of the car in accordance with the movement of the traffic flow.

Under the hood of the crossover can be installed 1.4- or 2.0-liter turbocharged unit.

The first has a maximum power of 150 hp and torque at the level of 250 N*m. The second generates 186 hp and 320 N*m, respectively.

The «younger» engine is paired with a 7-speed double-clutch robotized transmission.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

«The «older» engine is also paired with a 7-speed robot, but with a double clutch of the wet type.

Today on the Chinese market sales of the updated version of Volkswagen Tharu 2022 began.

For motorists from China there are seven modifications, which have differences not only in price, but also in the level of equipment.

As for the first parameter, the basic version of the crossover costs 2,579,000 rubles, and for the top version will have to prepare already 3,535,000 rubles.

It is worth noting that the exterior as well as the interior remain largely the same.

Volkswagen Tharu has a sporty design, where even some notes of brutality are felt.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

It offers a powerful muscular body with large wheel disks, the spoke pattern of which gives the appearance of originality.

On the front bumper especially large headlights connected with a compact radiator grille are worth mentioning.

The central air intake is highlighted by a wide frame, and the side air intakes are hidden in rectangular niches.

At the bottom of the doors you can see a neat crease, and the stern received a fairly standard design format.

Volkswagen Tharu 2022.

In the cabin, as has been said, much has also remained the same. In particular, the same infotainment system with a 9-inch monitor and a digital dashboard are offered.

Even the seats trimming and other interior elements remained the same. But there are some adjustments in equipment.

The crossover is reportedly available with an improved version of ACC adaptive cruise control, several airbags, and many other control sensors.

In terms of technical equipment, a choice of two powertrains, augmented with a turbocharger system, is available.

In the base variations, the motor comes with a volume of 1.4 liters, and in the top variations — 2.0 liters. The power of the first corresponds to 150 hp, and the second — 186 horsepower. There is a choice of transmission as well.

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