Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

The updated Volkswagen Touareg 2024 received more modern headlights and lights.

The third-generation Volkswagen Touareg debuted on the market in 2018, and now the Germans have introduced an updated version of the model.

As part of the planned restyling, the car received different bumpers and a wider grille.

Particular emphasis was placed on the lighting equipment. In the basic version the headlights remained standard (LED), but all other versions got new matrix headlights IQ.Light.

Each of them has 19,216 LEDs, so the light beam has a high resolution. The electronics is able to control it flexibly, avoiding blinding other drivers.

Visually, the new matrix light is notable for its three L-shaped sections of LEDs and the LED strip that runs through the entire grille.

The stern lights are also new. They are united with each other by glowing crosspiece. Plus, restyling of the car for the first time received red backlight emblem on the stern.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

The range of updated Tiguan includes R-Line version, which can be distinguished from all other versions by more aggressive bumper design and abundant black decoration.

If changes in appearance of the SUV are much, here in the interior are much less. First of all the Germans have refused the base dashboard with analog instrument panel, small display of multimedia system Tyapery and push-button climate control.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

From now on, the model already has a more advanced front panel Innovision Cockpit, which includes a virtual dashboard and a 15.0-inch touchscreen entertainment complex with improved voice control.

Germans tried to improve the quality of interior finishes (the same plastic on the front panel and the console became softer). There are also USB Type-C connectors in the cabin with a capacity of 45 watts (before 15 watts).

The lineup of power units in the Volkswagen Touareg 2024 for Europe remained the same and still consists of V6 engines. All-terrain vehicle can be ordered either with 3,0-liter gasoline 340 hp TSI engine or turbodiesel TDI of the same volume, which is available in two variants of forcing — 231 or 286 forces.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

There is also eHybrid modification in the range on the basis of petrol «six» and an electric motor. At its peak, the units put out 381 hp. All these variants of the model have an eight-speed automatic and permanent full drive 4Motion.

The flagship as before is Toureg R eHybrid from R-division of VW. It has the same hybrid unit, but forced up to 462 «horsepower». Such crossover accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5,1 seconds.

Although the engine Germans didn’t touch, but revised the settings of the chassis, trying to improve both comfort and driving character of the car. For extra money customers can order air suspension, active stabilizers, and a fully controlled chassis.

Volkswagen Touareg 2024.

Among other new things, it is worth noting the appearance of a luggage presence sensor on the roof. Focusing on its readings, the electronics can regulate the operation of the stabilization system. This improves the stability of the machine when transporting cargo on the roof.

The restyled Tuareg will be produced at a plant in Slovakia, and it will debut on the European market in the summer of the twenty-third at a price of 69,200 euros (6.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate), although the Germans asked for a minimum of € 94,000 (8.1 million rubles).

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