Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020 — a fast hybrid crossover (up to a hundred in 5 seconds).
Given that Volkswagen plans to completely switch to the production of electric vehicles, the intermediate stage with many hybrid variations is not long in coming, demonstrating the latest technological solutions of engineers from Wolfsburg.

One of such very powerful hybrids will be the Tuareg 2020, information about which has recently been leaked to the network.
They plan to show the novelty to the public at the motor show in March 2020, but now almost everything is known about the new Tuareg.

The only thing worth noting is that the crossover observed today is released under the banner of the R studio, so it will delight not only with technology, but also with fresh elements of interior and exterior design.
Immediately a small spoiler — the price will bite a lot.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.


The Volkswagen Touareg R is a rechargeable hybrid crossover. In terms of filling the pricing designers clearly did not look back.

As such, the basic gasoline equipment is missing here. Either you buy a hybrid and enjoy the incredible dynamics, low consumption and charging from the outlet, or look towards the factory crossover with gasoline and diesel variations.

So on board there is a 3-liter gas station for 6 cylinders in a V-shaped arrangement, with a return of 340 hp at 450 Hm, and an electric train on the front axle of 136 hp, connected to a 14.1 kWh battery.

The dynamics of the elite Tuareg is amazing. Total 462 hp they accelerate the crossover to hundreds in just 5 seconds, the maximum speed is limited by a collar to 248 km / h. By the way, the power is more than enough to tow a 3.5-ton trailer.

It is also worth mentioning that, despite the lack of an electric train on the rear axle, there is a proprietary 4Motion all-wheel drive with traction transfer up to 70%. Control the technology to 8-band automatic.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.

The technique provides movement exclusively on electric traction. In this mode, charging is enough for 48 km, although the dynamics suffers significantly. The maximum speed in electric mode will be only 87 km / h, which is quite acceptable for the city.

In addition, there are 7 driving modes that are presented in the Tuareg conveyor belt, combining an eye on road conditions, such as off-road and snow cover, and economical and sports settings for the operation of power units.

Plus, an optional off-road package will be offered as an option, providing for 2 more settings modes.

One can not help but mention the advanced cruise control, which allows you to remove your hands from the steering wheel at speeds up to 210 km / h, which also provides for line control, distance to other road users, help when overtaking, etc.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.


R-studio has worked on the appearance of the crossover. Abundantly decorated with chrome elements, the Tuareg acquired black decorative elements, which immediately gave more solidity.

Also slightly improved the pattern of optics, which is now exclusively matrix. The biggest «alteration» were the new wheels. There are 22-inch wheels on wide-profile tires, also in black to match the decor.

Actually, they didn’t touch anything else. Except that the additional label of the studio is attached to the rear and wings on the front. No more rolling roofs or lower clearance are observed here. At the same time, after the blackening, the hybrid looks more solid and aesthetically only in some places inferior to the charged Audi crossovers.

Regarding the dimensions, nothing new is also observed here:
Length, mm — 4878
Width, mm — 1984
Height, mm — 1702
Wheelbase (mm) — 2894

With a quick glance, it might seem that the new Volkswagen Touareg R 2020 model year has updated interior architecture, but in fact, from the alterations here means the inclusion of more
premium acoustic and multimedia systems, night vision cameras, 4-zone climate and premium decoration materials with embroidered logos of a tuning studio.

Otherwise, this is the same interior that could be seen in the rich trim levels of the Tuareg conveyor belt.
Nevertheless, a 12-inch virtual tidy and a 15-inch multimedia touchscreen deployed to the driver do their job, giving some elite zest.

Volkswagen Tuareg R 2020.


Due to the price tag, in terms of competition, many 2020 hybrid crossovers simply fall off. In this price range, the choice consists of: BMW X6, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLS, Venucia SUV and Genesis GV.

Price and sales start date

Regarding the price tag, it doesn’t smell like a “national” level and in some places even surpassed its German colleagues. Starting price is around 7.7 million rubles. For a second, an ordinary Touareg today costs about 4.44 million.
Release date has not yet been specified. Estimated dates — the end of autumn 2020. The prospects for the appearance of new items in our country are still vague.

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