Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020: a promising mid-price coupe-crossover model.

The commercial success of the latest versions of Volkswagen’s automotive range has provided a compelling reason for the development of the new 2020 Volkswagen Tylcon mid-format crossover.

The founder of a very promising lineup is characterized by a new design with a lot of aggressive styling details, an excellent salon interior, modern technical equipment and electronic equipment.

The new model is promised in a price range available to buyers with moderate incomes.


Contrary to forecasts, the new model range is not just another restyling of the corporate predecessor, but the result of the successful implementation of a separate project. In the design of the coupe-like crossover, the features of corporate design are guessed, which are complemented by original layout, design and technical corporate developments.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

• The front side provides panoramic glazing, ribbed longitudinal reliefs of a wide, slightly inclined hood, a chrome-plated block perimeter of a radiator grille and multifunctional head optics.

• The lower part of the front is a block decorated with a silver frame.
It includes a trapezoidal air intake and side ventilation diffusers equipped with exclusive fog lamps.

• In the presence of also recognizable at first glance brand symbols, elements of aggressive ribbed aerodynamic relief, a platform for the registration plate and decorative inserts.

In the photo in the side projection, the Volkswagen Tylcon 2020 attracts attention with the profile of the sloped dome roof, which is not typical for early models, with a contrasting combination of a silver frame and black pillars of large-format windows.

In the field of view — stylish triangular mirrors, a longitudinal ribbed profile and door handles protruding slightly above the body.

The design features of the lower body perimeter include spacious wheel arch niches, a protective sill strip and an original pattern of 19-inch titanium disks equipped with wide-profile tires.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

The classic crossover design of the stern does not cause any special emotions. The new body received the usual combination of a tilted window shaded with a spoiler and a vertical plane of a compact tailgate.

The entourage is somewhat enlivened by the futuristic design of the feet, the large caliber integrated into the massive body kit four twin chrome exhaust and the configuration of the protective plate.

Against the general bright background, the decorative spoiler ledge located under the window, the ribbed profiles of the door and bumper look less advantageous.


Already in the basic configuration, the new coupe-crossover should attract the attention of potential buyers with a luxurious leather interior, an ergonomic layout of comfortable seating, wider possibilities of functional and service branded options.

The novelty class assumes:

• availability of informative analog-digital or multi-mode virtual instrument panel;

• supplemented with command functions 10-inch multimedia display;

• deflectors and activation consoles of numerous standard systems placed on the central console.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

Many options will be available in the top-end modification: video monitoring of blind spots, a panoramic sliding roof, multifunctional climate and travel control systems, parking sensors, electronic assistants that ensure driving safety in difficult conditions.

The central tunnel includes a transmission joystick, an extended set of organizers and a spacious refrigerator located under a wide armrest.

The front seat service with lateral support and adjustable head restraints will offer several ranges of operating settings, heating and ventilation circuits. In the asset of the rear three-seat sofa, a folding armrest and a backrest tilt.

The possibility of transformation is assumed to more than double the volume of the trunk.


The status of a mid-size crossover is confirmed by the overall characteristics implemented in the ratios of 4586×1860 and 1635 mm. The coupe-crossover is based on the time-tested parameters of the universal proprietary platform, which make it possible to take advantage of the basic front and top all-wheel drive of the chassis.

Volkswagen Tylcon 2020.

• Undercarriage with an inter-axle base of 2731 mm is equipped with independent multi-link suspension, anti-roll bars and improved safety systems in terms of efficiency.

• Initially, the new 2020 Volkswagen Tylcon will receive a tandem consisting of a two-liter gasoline engine with 186/220 hp. and uncontested 7-band automatic transmission with the main drive of the front axle. The rear axle, if necessary, will be connected via a double multi-plate clutch.

The test drive showed the optimal starting, running and consumption characteristics for its class, which will be announced in the near future.

Options and prices

With a high degree of probability, the crossover will be announced in several modifications, differing in power, cross-country ability and the number of special options.

The estimated price of the basic novelty in ruble equivalent will be formed at about two million rubles.

Competing models

In the price range of up to two million rubles, Tylcon can seriously compete with the already well-known and demanded crossovers of the same type of the world’s leading brands.

In the list of rivals, the leading positions are occupied by the Mercedes GLC, BMW X4 and Audi Q5 models.

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