Volvo Embla 2022.

Volvo Embla 2022.

Volvo Embla 2022.

Volvo Embla 2022: heir to the XC90.

Following strictly within the planned plan to switch to electric cars by 2030, the Swedish company Volvo continues to expand its lineup of «green» cars, and in 2022 it will present its new flagship crossover.

Previously it was thought that it will replace the full-size Volvo XC90, becoming its evolutionary continuation, but the manufacturer has made another decision.

The largest SUV will remain in the range of models and will continue to be equipped with hybrid power plants, and the role of the most status crossover brand will take on an entirely new car, which will be named Volvo Embla.


The fact that the Swedes are really beginning a new stage of development of their company and make a truly revolutionary step towards full electrification of their technology, says already the fact that they gave their model a full name for the first time.

Perhaps the former indices will become history soon as the forthcoming electric flagship has received quite eloquent name — Embla.

Volvo Embla 2022.

Embla, according to the Scandinavian mythology, is analog of Eve and, accordingly, companion of «the first man» Ask (Adam).

The car itself, the developers promise to make on the basis of the Concept Recharge, which was shown in 2021.

External design

Concept Recharge electric car still exists only in the form of computer sketches, but even they do not leave any doubts that we have in front of us — Volvo car.

Volvo Embla 2022.

Everything about its exterior says so, including the square proportions of the station wagon, which is so beloved by the Swedish brand.

The strongly elongated body is a result of the stretched wheelbase, which was made to accommodate a large traction battery underneath.

At the front the Volvo Embla crossover will also be recognizable thanks to the «Thor’s hammers» placed in the optics, and at the back the designers decided to install also the familiar long vertical sections of the lights, the glow of which will be visible even when looking at the car from the side.

Volvo Embla 2022.


Sketches of the interior yet give an idea only of its overall architecture, the main features which will be absolutely flat floor, the ability to install three rows of high-tech seats and use as a head unit huge central tablet (presumably a diagonal of 15 «), running on Android Automotive OS.

Inside the Swedish electric crossover will be very bright thanks to the panoramic roof, extending almost the entire length of the car, and on its border with the windshield will be placed lidar — a massive remote sensing device responsible for autopilot system.

Volvo Embla 2022.

The technical stuffing and characteristics

Volvo Embla 2022 crossover will be equipped with traction batteries made in Sweden.

Right now the carmaker is working with Northvolt to build a special production facility for this purpose, which in 2026 will provide all models of the brand with energy storage devices.

As for the first such car, Embla promise autonomous driving range at the level of 1000 kilometers, although neither the characteristics of the engine nor data on the mass of the electric car is not known yet.

And here is the current Volvo XC90 decided to leave the «soft» gasoline and diesel hybrids plus rechargeable option — units which further modernization has been suspended, for the reason that all engineering efforts the Swedes direct to create new electric powertrains.

Release date in Russia

In Russia the flagship model Volvo XC90 has been presented since its release, so we can assume that one day the electric Embla will also enter our market.

It is too early to talk about the possible price of the latter, but meanwhile Russian dealers estimate the cheapest hybrid XC90 from 7,5 million rubles (300 hp, 6-seat version).


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