Volvo XC60 T8 2020.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020 — a hybrid crossover with two engines.
Not all manufacturers, and buyers, are ready to take it and step over like this in the era of electric cars. But I want to taste some of the benefits of electrification. So in 2020, the hybrid market will replenish with another model. The Swedes will release their new, second rechargeable hybrid crossover, which received the XC60 T8 index.

Volvo wouldn’t be Volvo if it hadn’t really surprised us with its version of the arrangement of mechanisms of the old and new era. What interesting offer the Swedish auto makers consider below.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.


The most important thing in a hybrid trolley. As already stated, it is not quite ordinary. More precisely, it is unusual for those who missed last year’s offer — the XC90 T8 Twin Engine, with which the novelty has the same platform.

In fact, there are two motors with two drives. That is, in front there will be an ICE unit, which drives the front axle, behind the train with a drive to the rear axle. Moreover, they are fully synchronized with each other. How — a mystery. Also interesting is the location of the traction battery. She entered directly into the central tunnel.

As for the power units of the XC60 T8, the front is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with turbine support. The motor itself generates 320 hp. at 400 Hm.

The rear electric motor has 87 hp at 240 Hm. So in total, the hybrid turned out to be quite powerful — 407 hp. at 640 Hm.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.

The crossover will be rechargeable from the outlet and will be able to ride using only electric traction. Thanks to the 10.4 kWh battery from LG, you can drive up to 42 km on a single charge. Take the child to school and get to work is definitely enough.

The mixed mode of the XC60 T8 is naturally also available. In this case, the savings are not small. According to the passport, the consumption is 2.3 liters per hundred. It turns out at times cheaper than on a minibus. The dynamics of 407 hp You can squeeze a hundred in 5.3 seconds.

Otherwise, all the standard equipment moved from the Volvo VC60 crossover, which appeared at dealers in March 2019. It is also worth noting that this is still a premium model and the price tag for it is set accordingly.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.


In appearance, everything remained in its place. Naturally, with the exception of a couple of parts, namely the charging socket, which was embedded in the right front wing and the T8 index, which is located on the left side under the rear dimension.

The rest of the crossovers are identical. Is that the difference is additionally observed in mass. The hybrid is 380 kg heavier. Even the luggage compartment does not give out electrification, thanks to the transfer of the battery pack to the central tunnel, it has retained its volume.

In general, the XC60 is offered in a trivial design, where the most interesting element is the LED optics with a T-shaped pattern. The rest of Volvo remained devoted to themselves, creating a simple, 100% safe and concise body, where there is nothing to complain about.


In the cabin, the hybrid also did not get anything new. Torpedo architecture, cladding suggestions and onboard functions are completely duplicated.
Buyers of the XC60 T8 will receive the same leather interior with elements of metal, wooden inserts and a set of on-board equipment:

climate with two zones;
heating / electric / ventilation / massage of the front seats and the rear modular sofa;
Sensus modern multimedia with a 10-inch vertical screen on the center console;
wireless charging platform;
adaptive cruise;
voice control.

Also included is a virtual tidy, which added a battery charge indicator, charging time and power reserve.


If you look at the appearance of Volvo and recall the technical equipment, it is quite difficult to choose competitors. The hybrid looks winning in all respects in comparison with under-electrics of other manufacturers.

Volvo XC60 T8 2020.

Therefore, finding competitors is not so simple. The only models able to withstand the Swedes were the Nissan Murano 2.5 CVT Hybrid and Lexus RX 450h AWD. The first will come out with a price tag of 3 million, the second will be equal to the top-end configuration of the XC60 T8.

Price and sales start date

Russian dealers have already begun receiving pre-orders for the XC60 T8. Estimated delivery time is February 2020. The manufacturer will offer two trim levels. The basic Inscription with a price tag of 5.37 million rubles and a more saturated R-Design with a small step in price — 5.49 million.

Another small nuance. Volvo understands that the cost of new items is too high for the Russian market. Therefore, to everyone who buys a hybrid, the company will reimburse the annual cost of recharging.
Accounting will be performed by the on-board computer, but no information has been provided on how money will be charged. This «share» is part of a great strategy. The concern intends to transfer 50% of its products to electric rails by 2025.

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