Voyah Free 2021.

Voyah Free 2021.

Voyah Free 2021.

Voyah Free: premium crossover from Dongfeng concern The premium brand Voyah of the Chinese concern Dongfeng has unveiled its first production model — the full-size crossover Voyah Free.

The premiere of the novelty took place in mid-December of the twentieth year at a special event in China.

For the appearance of Voyah Free 2021, specialists from the Italian design studio Italdesign were responsible. Thanks to their efforts, the crossover received noble body proportions with a swift roofline.

At the front, the car has a «toothy» radiator grille and a graceful bumper with large air intakes, and at the back it is notable for a narrow strip of lights.

The sleek silhouette with retractable door handles contributes to a low drag coefficient of just 0.28. The salon of the car is five-seater, with a rich level of equipment.

The front panel houses three monitors at once. There is also a head-up display and the function of updating the multimedia system «over the air».

Voyah Free 2021.

Plus, front seats with ventilation and massage are designed to please passengers, as well as four-zone climate control.

The latter can be controlled using a system of voice commands: the complex recognizes from which «zone» the command came.

The Voya Free crossover is built on a new modular ESSA platform, the name of which stands for «Electric Smart Secure Architecture».

This «bogie» has a double wishbone suspension at the front and a multi-link at the rear. She has aluminum subframes, and pneumatic bellows are installed «in a circle».

Voyah Free 2021.

The overall length of the off-road vehicle is 4,905 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2,955, the width is 1,950, and the height is 1,690 mm.

By default, the Voyah Free is an electric vehicle with two electric motors — one each on the front and rear axles. Their total output is 680 hp. and 1,000 Nm.

From zero to hundreds, such a crossover accelerates in 4.8 seconds, its maximum speed reaches 200 km / h.

Voyah Free 2021.

The traction battery is located under the passenger compartment floor, but its capacity is not advertised. At the same time, the Chinese report that the crossover is capable of driving up to 500 kilometers on a single charge (according to the outdated NEDC cycle).

In addition, Voyah Free can be ordered in a hybrid version, where the company for the same electric motors is a 1.5-liter petrol «turbo four» with a capacity of 109 hp.

This unit has no connection with the drive wheels and is used exclusively for recharging the battery. The range of such a hybrid is 860 km (NEDC).

Voyah Free 2021.

The company reports that the list of equipment of the model includes adaptive cruise control, while in the future the car can also receive a third-level autopilot.

The Chinese will set up serial production of the SUV at the former Renault Dongfeng JV in Wuhan, which will be converted specifically for the Voyah brand cars.

The model will be released only in the third quarter of 2021. Estimated price tag — from 60,000 dollars (4.4 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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