Voyah i-LAND 2021.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

Voyah i-LAND is a luxury Gran turismo from China designed by Italdesign.
Chinese Dongfeng has unveiled its new Voyah concept car at the Beijing Auto Show. The impressive i-LAND was created in collaboration with Italian design studio Italdesign and heralds the company’s ambitious plans for the luxury electric vehicle segment.

As a reminder, Dongfeng is the company that is currently an accomplice of the PSA concern (it owns 13.68 percent, it also operates a joint venture with Nissan, Renault and Honda), but also develops a portfolio of its own brands.

Italdesign, on the other hand, is a stylistic studio founded in 1968 by Giorgetto Giugiaro. He has projects such cars as VW Golf and Passat B1, BMW M1, DeLorean DMC 12 and Fiat Uno. The company is currently part of the Volkswagen Group, but provides services to various manufacturers, not just the automotive industry.

The Voyah i-LAND is a concept luxury gran turismo whose body, cockpit, control interfaces and visual identity, including a winged badge, were designed by Italdesign. The Italians are also responsible for creating the very conceptual example.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

According to Italdesign, this car is based on Dongfeng’s platform called ESSA-Electric, Smart & Secure Architecture.

Neither Italdesign nor Dongfeng say anything about more specific technical details.

The line of this large coupe, with a long front end, very low roof and a short rear, will fit, for example, the next Maserati Quattroporte or another luxury car of Italian ancestry that would like to compete with, for example, the Porsche Taycan.

Intriguingly, the exhaust duct behind the front wheel looks intriguing.

LED lighting is rich, in line with the current trend proclaiming that «LEDs are the new chrome». At the rear, the light strip even reminds a bit of the aforementioned electric car from Stuttgart. The long doors of the Voyaha open up and give wide access to the two rows of seats.

Dongfeng says it will sell an electric car under the Voyah brand in China in 2021, but does not say if it will be an i-LAND.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

At the presentation of the premium brand, it was announced that there are currently nine models planned for the model line, which will cover several market segments.

These will be passenger cars, SUVs and minivans. And the VOYAH company plans to release its first model already in 2021.

Again, during the presentation of the brand itself, a concept car was also presented, which just shows in which direction the premium brand from the Middle Kingdom will move.

And looking at this concept, I immediately remember the Japanese Mazda, which also presented the Vision concept car in 2017. Just the concept from Mazda is considered, perhaps, the most beautiful car of the late tenth years. And just a concept from a Chinese premium brand can now compete with it.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

This sedan from the premium brand was named VOYAH i-Land and here, knowing how the Chinese work with new products, we can say with confidence that this concept car will not undergo significant changes when it goes into production.

Rear-view cameras are unlikely to go into mass production, I still think that ordinary rear-view mirrors will be registered in their place, and there is also a question about doors that have an upward opening option, like a Mercedes.

And again, VOYAH i-Land is a full-size sedan, and the door has an opening immediately for access to both the front and rear seats and nothing else. But in terms of its visual appearance, this concept can be called a coupe.

At the front, the concept car has LED signature navigation lights that run across the entire width of the muzzle.

And this signature will be a distinctive feature of all models of the company. And this signature itself was called «winged headlights». The logo itself is also built into this line itself, which also turned out in an LED version.

Voyah i-LAND 2021.

At the rear of the concept car, you can also see the LED strip that connects the taillights. This is already a common design story, as it appears on almost every new model of any car brand.

But the truth is, the very design of the rear lights is quite interesting and narrow, and this gives impetus even when looking at the stern.

The interior will be dominated by high-tech style. The front panel will receive a wide display, which will also be located across the entire width and the screen itself will be divided into several segments, each of which will be responsible for certain functions.

As for the powertrains, the company is focused exclusively on two areas. The first is an exclusively electric modification, which will have several types of batteries of different capacities in its arsenal.

But the second direction is hybrid versions, which in turn will be based on two power turbocharged units.

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