VW Nivus 2020.

VW Nivus 2020....

VW Nivus 2020.

VW Nivus 2020 is a new compact crossover of international assembly.
It would seem that all further VW announcements should be focused on the release of the declared line of electric cars, but no. Brand marketers discovered a gap in the lineup. There is everything: hatches, station wagons, large SUVs, minivans, budget and business sedans, but there is no compact urban crossover with a coupe-shaped roof.

The Germans quickly corrected this matter by organizing the production of a new model — Volkswagen Nivus at the facilities of the Brazilian branch.
The model will become one of the most stylish in the line, at the same time almost the cheapest and will probably gain success on the Russian market.

VW Nivus 2020.


It should be noted right away that the crossover will not bring any innovations, except for a new multimedia system. This is an outspoken state employee, flavored with German quality. No more, no less.

It will not be hybrid and is unlikely to be electrified in the future. The VW Nivus should be viewed solely as an intermediate model designed to fill a niche and generate profits.

However, this does not prevent motorists from purchasing an excellent quality car built on the MQB platform. True, there is still a prefix «A0», which makes it similar to the T-Cross and the domestic Polo, but they have already shown themselves to be excellent city carts.

VW Nivus 2020..

In terms of technical units, the platform will delight the MacPherson system in front, and a semi-independent beam is installed in the back (you can expect ideal «buoyancy» of the cross). All disc brakes, drive only to the front axle.

Additionally, the XDS system (electronic imitation of differential lock) was announced. So the Nivus will cope with light off-road conditions, although the clearance of 148 mm is embarrassing. And the power unit is not to say that it is designed for taking steep slopes.

Volkswagen Nevus will be supplied with one single engine. It will be uncontested for any market, which once again confirms the theory of the emergence of a model. Under the hood is a 1.0-liter turbo engine with in-line architecture for 3 cylinders. The output will be 116 hp.

As for the transmission, there is also no option — a 6-band automatic. Also, ABS and ESP, 6 airbags (2 for knees), a multifunction wheel, a virtual tidy, a multimedia system, acoustics, a tire pressure sensor, a rear camera, cruise and climate control will be installed on board.

VW Nivus 2020...


As it was already possible to understand, the technical characteristics did not become the highlight of the novelty, but the appearance is exactly what you should pay all your attention to when studying this car.

VW is famous for its rather austere design. The concern’s cars are always designed in one majestic and impeccable style. And Nivus fully adopts the corporate identity, but unlike other models, it brings the very freshness that Volkswagen has not had for a long time.

The front end and individual stern elements are unified with the older SUV, the wheelbase with the Polo hatch, but everything else is completely different. Its original design of wheel disks, plastic protection of arches and sills, glass frame on the doors, and silhouette are the main features of the budget cross.

All proportions, roof degree, overhangs on both sides of the wheelbase, metal stamping — everything is done perfectly. This VW model will definitely not be left without attention on the road, despite the price and weak technology.

It can even be said with confidence that the concern will revise its policy regarding the model as soon as sales exceed 200,000 units, and such a result will certainly be.

The dimensions give an even more idea of ​​the Nivus. The wheels will feature 17-inch alloy wheels and 205/55 tires.

VW Nivus 2020....


As for the salon, «expensive-rich» is not planned here, but there are several interesting points. VW has announced that the new SUV will receive a new multimedia system that will be installed on all future cars of the brand.

An 8-inch touchscreen was tasked with presenting the updated interface, which will no less advantageously emphasize the virtual dashboard, turning the torpedo into a small high-quality interactive.

With regard to finishing materials, the torpedo will be abundantly flavored with plastic, fabric seats. Landing layout — 5 seats. The luggage compartment will receive 415 liters of volume.


But the SUV market is now overheated to the limit, and in all price categories.
Asian countries dominate the budget proposal, so the new German will have to fight for a client, for example, with Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Juke, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Geely Coolray, Haval F7x and others.

Price and start date

As mentioned, the Nivus was developed in Brazil, so South America will be the first continent to launch a crossover.
By the way, the start of sales is scheduled for the end of summer 2020. On the local market, the cost of an SUV will be 1.7 million rubles.

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