Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

Weismann Project Thunderball: electric roadster with a 671-horsepower setup.

After a very long time, the German company Wiesmann is once again working on the Thunderball.

It will be made in a retro style. And if you think that under the hood there will be a gasoline or diesel engine, you are wrong.

The roadster will be fully electric. The Wiesmann Project Thunderball 2023 has two electric motors, but it has rear-wheel drive.

Yes, you weren’t imagining it, both engines are mounted on the rear axle. Recall that the very first Tesla Roadster used the same technology.

The sports car manufacturer Wiesmann has returned to the market with a new model — the electric roadster Project Thunderball.

The novelty has effective, but thus enough restrained retro appearance.

In the design of the model will be traced elements of previous cars, as well as a big influence will have British automakers.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

For example, the front grille of unusual shape is very reminiscent of the MF5 V10, from which also borrowed the device of headlights.

In particular, the car has received twin round headlights and lamps, and also the egg-shaped form of a radiator grill.

By the way, Weismann MF5 V10 Roadster was made in the same design.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

The interior of the car is also made in a retro style, even though there are some modern solutions: the cabin has carbon fiber seats and a large touchscreen of the multimedia system.

As for the technical filling, the Weismann Project Thunderball has two electric motors.

Despite the exterior retro design, modern technologies such as touch screen and new carbon fiber seats will meet us in the cabin.

Two electric motors produce 671 horsepower. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h with such power is possible in 2.9 seconds.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

At the same time, the model weighs only 1700 kilograms. The car has a battery capacity of 83 kWh and charging capacity up to 300 kW.

The battery provides a range of up to 500 kilometers.

At that, the model does not have all-wheel drive — both units are located on the rear axle.

Performance of the power plant of the model reaches 671 hp and 1,100 Nm.

According to the developers, the roadster accelerates from a place up to a hundred in 2.9 seconds. An impressive result for a car weighing 1,700 kg.

Weismann Project Thunderball 2023.

There is also a choice of five different variants of brakes. As the director of the company said, their model will be one of the most excellent in the world.

Nothing is known about the debut date and prices. It’s also a mystery on what the creators will base their pricing on. The model will be produced at a plant in Germany.

To power its work the electric motors get from a traction battery with a capacity of 83 kWh.

The model has an 800-volt electrical system and supports 300 kW of charging power.

Its cruising range is claimed to be 500 km. Most likely there will be a limited edition, but we don’t know when the roadster will be available and how much it will cost.

But it is known that the company is going to produce cars at the Gecko plant in Dulmen, Germany.

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