Xpeng G9 2022.

Xpeng G9 2022.

Xpeng G9 2022.

Chinese automaker Xpeng continues expansion of its products on the world car markets.

Thus, at the auto show in Guangzhou the concern presented a crossover novelty which was expected long time ago.

As it turned out, the new crossover became fully electric G9.

During the presentation all the accents were made by the company on electrification and ecological compatibility of the novelty.

Since it was originally planned that Xpeng G9 will not focus on the domestic market, it was developed taking into account numerous requirements and current demands of the European audience.

Apparently, being aware of the current developments of the world’s leading concerns, Xpeng immediately bet on electric engines.

The car has strict and straightforward exterior features. In the front with a closed grille, the elements of the headlights, which are divided into two zones — a narrow upper one with daytime running lights, as well as the main one, stand out the most.

The lower black grille has a wave-like shape, which by design decision is extended throughout the body of the car.

Xpeng G9 2022.

A certain amount of sportiness to the classic exterior is brought by the 21-inch wheels. Rails are noticeable on the roof, and the door handles have a hiding form factor.

The rear skylight has a one-piece horizontal appearance. There is a spoiler on top of the tailgate and a black bodywork finish on the bottom of the bumper.

As assured by the manufacturer, there is plenty of technology inside the cabin that supports data transfer at higher speeds.

Xpeng G9 2022.

Updating of the stuffing is available over the air. In addition, the driver awaits the advanced XPILOT 4.0 safety package, which has many driving assists.

The new crossover, which is made on an 800-volt platform, will be a worthy competitor to the Swedish electric Volvo XC40.

The crossover’s batteries have IP68 protection and an economical Xpower 3.0 power system with a fast recharging system.

Details of the crossover have not been fully disclosed at this time, but it is known that it should be expected to be on sale in 2022.

Xpeng G9 2022.

The Xpeng G9 has a «robot face» and a lot of advanced technology.
The electric car has a smart autopilot and very fast internet.

Chinese electric car startup Xpeng is already competing with Tesla in its home country, an extremely important market for the U.S. company.

Now the Chinese are targeting Europe: they are already selling their P7 sedan in Norway, and the other day they unveiled a large G9 crossover.

The nose of the electric car has a signature light strip, which the company calls «the face of the robot».

The door handles are flush with the body, and there are aerodynamic pads on the wheels.

Xpeng G9 2022.

Xpeng didn’t disclose any details on power and range, but it is known that the crossover supports an 800-volt charging station, with a range increase of 200 km being possible in just five minutes.

The Xpilot 4.0 autonomous driving system with lidars in the headlights is announced — it is claimed that the autopilot is in no way inferior to the Tesla analogue.

The introduction of technically sophisticated assistants has become possible thanks to the new X-EEA architecture.

It supports self-diagnostics, wireless updates, gigabit Ethernet and 5G communications.

According to the developers, all is well in terms of safety, too: the car meets EU requirements for environmental protection and recycling and meets the five-star Euro NCAP rating.

In China, sales of the G9 will start at the end of 2022, and the novelty will reach Europe in 2023. It will compete with Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

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