Xpeng P5 2022.

Xpeng P5 2022.

Xpeng P5 2022.

A budget competitor to Tesla and Volkswagen has gone on sale. The new Xpeng P5 is already available for pre-order.

Now in the European market the leaders among «battery» cars are Tesla and Volkswagen brands.

However, Chinese manufacturers who also want «their piece of the pie» gradually appear there. Thus, preliminary sales of the Xpeng P5 2022 electric car have started in the market of the European Union countries.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has selected only four European countries to implement its novelty.

In this list were Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. The fact is that these states have the most developed infrastructure for «battery» cars.

Accordingly, there will be more buyers than in the same Germany.

The model itself has a number of advantages over competitors, even before the start of «live» sales.

Buyers can place a pre-order for the car without depositing money.

Xpeng P5 2022.

In addition, the manufacturer specifically tested the car in the above countries to introduce an autonomous driving system XPILOT, which knows all the rules of the road and can fully control the car on European roads without human intervention.

The manufacturer also conducted a lot of testing in its home country of China. This was needed to ensure the quality of the novelty, as serious competition awaits it in Europe.

The car is equipped with a 66 kWh battery. It is enough to drive more than 460 kilometers on a single charge.

The equipment list has a voice control, a large touchscreen multimedia and electronic dashboard.

Xpeng P5 2022.

It is also worth noting that the OS of the new P5 is able to recognize pre-set gestures in it.

There are also standard options, including climate control, quality acoustics, cabin filters and more.

The company has already put one dealership in the Netherlands, where the first copies of the novelty will arrive soon.

The brand is planning to build several showrooms in each of the countries where the car will be sold in the future.

Xpeng P5 2022.

Already known prices for the new Xpeng P5. The basic configuration of the electric car will cost $25,000 (2.9 million rubles), and the top version will cost $35,000 (4 million rubles).

The Xpeng P5 is the third production model released by Xiaopeng Motors. It is equipped with a total of 32 sensors, has an automatic driving assistance system XPILOT3.5 and supports urban NGP.

The P5 is «the world’s first mass-produced intelligent electric vehicle equipped with LiDAR car technology.

Two dual-prism LiDAR sensors are located at the air intake point. They can distinguish «pedestrians, bicyclists and scooters, static obstacles and other disturbances on the road in challenging conditions such as nighttime and low-light conditions.

Xpeng P5 2022.


Length, width, height: 4808mm / 1840mm / 1520mm
Wheelbase: 2768mm
Number of seats
Cargo space: 450 l
Minimum turning circle: ≤11.2 m
Drive Type: Front
Type of engine: Second generation permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum engine power / maximum torque 155 kW / 310 N — m
Max. speed: 170 km/h
Battery heating device at very low temperatures
Acceleration time 0-100km/h 7.5s
Suspension system: McPherson independent front suspension / semi-independent torsion beam rear
Braking system: front ventilated disc brake / rear solid disc brake Braking energy recovery mode.

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