Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

The Danes showed the new Zenvo TSR-GT with 1 379 hp and a maximum speed of 424 km/h.

Danish company Zenvo has presented its fastest model — the rear-wheel drive hypercar TSR-GT.

Unlike other versions of TSR coupe, the novelty has more elaborate aerodynamics.

Thus, from the outside the car can be distinguished by an elongated rear spoiler and presence of special hubcaps on wheel disks.

There are no pictures of the interior, but according to the developers, it’s more spacious and comfortable than the TSR-S.

Recall that the latter’s interior is almost entirely made of «bare» carbon fiber and alcantara, but for the novelty instead of synthetic suede is promised a natural leather, as well as special mats with leather trim, which helps to improve noise insulation.

In motion Zenvo TSR-GT 2023 leads a standard 5.8-liter V8 engine, but with a number of modifications. The motor has two mechanical superchargers and a flat shaft.

Its maximum output is 1,379 hp, but such output is only possible with E85 bioethanol.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

For comparison, on the hardcore TSR-S the unit produces «only» 1,193 hp.

Acceleration from a place up to a hundred is not called, but maximum speed of new items is already known: it is able to accelerate up to 424 km/h (+ 99 compared to the same TSR-S).

It is reported that the company Zenvo will build only three copies of the model TSR-GT, and all of them have already been pre-ordered.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

We can only guess about the cost of the novelty — it is not advertised.

Unlike oriented on a track Zenvo TSR-S, «streamliner» TSR-GT is geared for high-speed runs and the maximum «maximal».

Due to the lengthened spoiler and aerodynamic wheel covers, the hypercar can accelerate up to 424 kilometers per hour.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

For comparison, the TSR-S has a limiter triggered at 325 kilometers per hour. Totally the Danes will build three similar two-doors and they have already found a buyer for each of them.

The heart of the TSR-GT is a 5.8 with two mechanical superchargers and a flat crankshaft.

In fact, it is an engine from TSR-S, but with a new TS Power Pack.

Powered by E85 bioethanol, the unit develops 1,379 horsepower (was 1,193 hp) and drives the rear wheels through a seven-speed cam gearbox with helical gears and an extended main gear.

Zenvo TSR-GT 2023.

The prefix GT in the name is not casual, because inside TSR-GT is not so spartan as TSR-S.

At least, the manufacturer promises less «naked» carbon fiber and natural leather instead of alcantara. There will be even velour mats with leather edging that reduce noise from the road.

Zenvo is scheduled to launch an all-new model in 2023. It will get a new carbon fiber chassis, transmission, electric drive and V12 engine of modular design.

All this will be designed in-house. The motor got two electric turbochargers and without the hybrid add-on will produce about 1,200 horsepower.

The combined output will be 1,500 to 1,800 horsepower.

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