Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024. The Ford Mustang has returned to its roots: the sports car has received the historical California Special version.

Ford Mustang received a historical version of the California Special

The sporty 2024 Ford Mustang received a historic California Special version.

Let us remember that the original modification of the same name appeared in 1968. Since then, several of her successors have been released.

In the new version, the car in this variation acquired decor in the shade of Rave Blue, two options for alloy wheels, graphics on the side parts of the body and a 2-color interior.

The cost of the new package is $1,995, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to 184,000 rubles.

You can install it on the Mustang GT Premium. Thanks to this version, the car will get a Californian vibe and will remind you of its full namesake from 1968.

Like its ancestor, the new modification offers original decor. In particular, we are talking about blue accents, a 19-inch alloy and a two-tone interior.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

The nameplates, air intakes on the radiator grille and the molding are painted in the signature Rave Blue shade.

The cabin features seats trimmed in perforated Navy Pier leather and regular Ebony Black with contrast stitching.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

Buyers can order a special version in two body styles: convertible and fastback.

In this case, the engine will have no alternative — a 5.0-liter with 493 hp. power and 567 N*m of thrust. In the database, a manual transmission works with it, and an automatic transmission is available for an additional fee.

Now, as the Mustang prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Ford is introducing a modern version of the GT-based CS (California Special) trim.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

The California Special package includes a set of Rave Blue trim parts. The signature color appears on the air intakes, which are flanked by a new high-gloss black radiator grille.

On the lower sides of the body, above the rocker panels, there are special Mustang GT California Special graphics in Medium Light Rave Blue and High- and Low-Gloss Black.

The California Special has long been a complement to the immortal pony car’s appearance, often filling the gap between GT and Shelby trim levels. It first appeared in 1968, offering a pseudo-Shelby look for a little less money.

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2024.

Ford revived the option in 2007, in time for the revival of the Shelby GT500 and lower-spec Shelby GT. In fact, the 2007-2008 Mustang Shelby GT began life as a GT/CS heading to Shelby’s Las Vegas plant for further upgrades.

The 2024 Mustang GT California Special will make its public debut on November 16 at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, at which time mechanical specifications for the CS Options Pack will be announced.


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