Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

Brabus introduces the AMG G63 pickup with almost 900 horsepower.

German tuner Brabus has announced the soonest sales of the small pickup, which is based on the powerful Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV.

Among other things, it is worth noting the powerful power plant with almost 900 horsepower.

Atelier Brabus often made various projects on the basis of the cult German SUV, making it even more powerful.

This time, AMG G63 is not an SUV — now it has a pickup body.

A German tuner showed off a quirky buggy based on the AMG G63 earlier this year. The wild truck can boast a lot of power.

The displacement of the powerful V8 has been increased to 4.4 liters, and the two standard turbochargers have given way to Brabus counterparts.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

We had to develop a special exhaust system not to get more power — in fact, the transformation of the SUV into a pickup truck was accompanied by a lengthening of the wheelbase.

With the upgraded engine this wild truck now produces an impressive 888 hp and 1,250 Nm of torque.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

However, the torque is electronically limited to 1,050 Nm to ensure durability of the drivetrain.

Thanks to the larger engine, this upgraded SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 km/h even with all-terrain tires.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

Massive 325/55 R22 Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires are «dressed» by 22-inch forged Brabus wheels with bright red accents, placed inside the convex fender extensions with carbon fiber trim.

The 900 XLP is a truly all-terrain vehicle thanks to its enormous 49 centimeters of ground clearance after the installation of portal axles.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 2022.

Brabus has extended the body by as much as 11.6 cm, and the overall length has increased to an impressive 5.31 meters, which is 68.9 cm more than before.

The car now boasts a winch that can pull up to 4,500 kg.


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