Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024. The premiere of the prototype of the new product will take place at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will open its doors in the second week of January 2024.

The current “charged” Subaru WRX sedan debuted in the States in early fall 2021 (until 2014, the model in this market was called Impreza WRX).

The version of this sports car for Japan debuted at the end of November of the same year, here the four-door was named WRX S4.

Let us remind you that in the appearance of the Japanese version of the “charged” sedan there are practically no differences from the American version.

The only exceptions are the red STI nameplate (Subaru Tecnica International) and the chrome-designed local name S4; they are located on the trunk lid on the sides of the place for attaching the license plate.

Now the Japanese company is preparing a special version of the “charged” sedan — its prototype is called the Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport♯.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

There is less than a month left before its debut: a full premiere will take place as part of the Tokyo Motor Show, which starts on January 12 next year.

So far, Subaru has shown only one teaser of the prototype, which shows the rear of the four-door.

The future new product is based on the flagship version of the model in Japan – WRX S4 STI Sport R.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

Judging by the photo, the announced prototype received rims of a different design, and its “duck tail” on the trunk lid has a changed shape.

The list of differences also includes the black WRX and S4 nameplates.

Subaru indicated that the “charged” sedan, the prototype of which is the S4 STI Sport♯, will be a limited edition that will be intended for the domestic market.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

The company promised the model «improved handling» and a «premium driving feel», perhaps hinting that there will be chassis upgrades.

Don’t expect any changes under the hood. The current “hot” all-wheel drive sedan in Japan is offered with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, its output is 275 hp and the maximum torque is 375 Nm.

It is paired with a non-alternative continuously variable automatic transmission.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese company will show other exhibits.

Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport R 2024.

Their roles will be played by the BRZ STI Sport, which was equipped with a carbon rear spoiler, and the Levorg Layback STI Performance with new sports accessories.

There are also three race cars — the BRZ GT300 (from the Super GT championship), Team SDA Engineering’s BRZ CNF concept (from the 2023 Super Taikyu series) and the WRX NBR Challenge (in 2024 specification).


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