Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

New Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022 with 650 HP W12 engine.

The most dynamic road Bentley ever. The new Continental GT Speed ​​2022 is introduced.

British automaker Bentley has unveiled the new 2022 Continental GT Speed. The car received a minimum of visual changes: a darkened radiator grille, thin chrome badges on the front fenders, side skirts and new 22-inch wheels.

In the interior of the novelty, handcrafted materials are used, which are combined with unique trim elements available only for this car.

The upholstery is two-tone, with a choice of 15 and 11 shades of the main and complementary colors, respectively.

In addition to the standard black decorative inserts, they can also be made of walnut, eucalyptus or koa, according to the customer’s choice. The luggage compartment is 358 liters.


The updated coupe is powered by a 6-liter 650-horsepower W12 TSI engine with 900 Nm of torque.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

The engine is aggregated together with an 8-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches and an all-wheel drive system.

From 0 to 100 km / h, the car accelerates in 3.6 seconds. The top speed is 335 km / h. The novelty is equipped with a fully steered chassis: the rear wheels turn in time with the front wheels at high speeds and in the opposite direction at low speeds.

There is also an electronic rear differential lock eLSD.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

The trim levels and pricing for the new Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022 have yet to be announced. Whether the novelty will reach Russia is unknown.

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed: the most extreme in the range.

The Speed ​​version has been an integral part of the Bentley Continental family since 2007.

Now the third generation coupe also has this option. The company calls the new Continental GT Speed ​​the most dynamic Bentley ever, but that’s a craftiness, because the last generation Continental Supersports is still ahead in absolute performance.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

But the Speed ​​version has its own unique features.

The new Continental GT Speed ​​is the first Bentley to feature an electronically controlled rear differential lock, eLSD.

It is also the first coupe with a fully steerable chassis (although we found traces of this system in the base two-door menu).

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

Until now, only the Flying Spur sedan has had actuators for steering the rear wheels, but there they are only designed to improve maneuverability.

The Continental has a different setting and should endow the car with more lively handling, although at low speeds the rear wheels turn in the same way in antiphase with the front wheels to reduce the turning radius.

The Speed ​​version has carbon-ceramic brakes previously only available on Supersports. There are ten-piston mechanisms in the front, four-piston mechanisms in the back.

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2022.

The standard wheels are 22 «instead of 21» on the base coupe. Finally, new settings for the adaptive chassis and active stabilizers have been selected for the Sport driving mode, and the shift time of the eight-speed preselective «robot» has been cut in half.

The already mighty 6.0-liter W12 turbo engine is boosted very moderately. The power has been increased from 635 to 659 hp, and the torque has not changed at all (900 Nm).

Even the system for shutting off half of the cylinders at low loads is retained to save fuel.

And from the visual differences — only the black decor on the body (including the radiator grille) and a barely noticeable spoiler blade at the stern. Bentley’s interior trim allows you to choose from any model.

As a result, the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds versus 3.8 seconds for the base coupe of the current generation and 3.5 seconds for the previous version of Supersports.

And the maximum speed is 335 km / h against 333 and 336 km / h, respectively. Such coupes will appear on sale in the summer.

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