BMW M135i 2022.

BMW M135i 2022.

BMW M135i 2022.

Germans slightly tuned up the top «unit» BMW M135i xDrive.

BMW has presented updated «hot-hatch» M135i without waiting for planned restyling of the unit.

The exterior of the «hot» five-door of 2022 model year remains the same, though the color palette of the body has been added with shades from BMW Individual set.

By the way, to expand the range of colors Germans had to upgrade the paint shop at the plant in Leipzig, where they assemble hatchbacks BMW 1-Series (F40).

Interior of the updated model also remained the same, but OEM audio system learned to «optimize» the sound of the engine.

As for the technology, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 306 hp, eight-speed automatic and a system of a full drive with self-locking differential Torsen keep in motion.

At the same time, the BMW M135i 2022 has received a reconfigured chassis, in which new springs and shock absorbers have been involved.

The Germans have installed additional hydraulic lever supports in the front suspension McPherson, and the rear suspension just changed the lever supports.

BMW M135i 2022.

Also the installation angles of front wheels were reconsidered. According to the developers, all this allowed making hatchback more driveable, improving its handling.

In Germany you can buy a new BMW M135i at a price of 51,450 euros (4.25 million rubles at current exchange rates), but in the Russian market «one» is not officially presented.

The BMW M135i hot hatch has become more driving.

BMW M135i 2022.

The top-end M135i has been in the current F40 generation from the beginning, and the company didn’t wait for a planned restyling to upgrade it.

However, the exterior, interior and even the powertrain remained the same.

BMW M135i still has a two-liter turbo engine (306 hp), eight-speed automatic and a full drive with front self-locking differential Torsen (blocking ratio up to 36% during acceleration).

But the engineers have worked on the chassis.

BMW M135i 2022.

The hatchback received new springs and shock absorbers. Angles of installation of the front wheels are changed, there are additional hydraulic levers supports in the front McPherson suspension, the supports of the rear independent suspension levers are changed.

The developers promise that with the revised chassis, the hatchback has gained more precise handling and driver’s character.

BMW M135i 2022.

There are also other updates. For example, the sound of the engine in the cabin is «optimized» with the help of an audio system.

And the shades from the BMW Individual kit are added to the body’s color palette: the paint shop at the Leipzig plant, where all first-series hatchbacks are produced, had to be modernized for this.

In Germany, the BMW M135i costs from 51450 euros, but in Russia the «units» are not delivered.

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