Buick Excelle 2022.

Buick Excelle 2022.

Buick Excelle 2022.

Buick Excelle 2022. The pandemic crisis has hit the Middle Kingdom market pretty hard, too, where inexpensive but practical sedans are now in particular demand.

That’s why the 2022 Buick Excelle has become a recognized bestseller in China, despite its unassuming exterior and fairly simple underhood features, as well as a simple but practical interior.

Car enthusiasts will appreciate the practicality of the new model, as well as the ability to drive it for drivers of both genders and all ages.


Judging by the photo, the novelty turned out simple and quite budgetary, but all the trends of automotive fashion in it have been maintained and preserved.

In particular, restyling is very noticeable in relief, optics and air intake systems, preserving, however, their recognizability.

Most noticeably the Buick Excelle 2022 has become more beautiful from the front.

Its muzzle is set as low and has no big dimensions, but it became more impressive due to sloping windshield of larger size and slightly modified hood cover, which now has more effective relief break in the center.

Buick Excelle 2022.

Immediately in front of it is a small plastic mask, the edges of which are located large triangles matrix headlights.

The radiator grille kept oval shape, symmetric 3D-drawing and chrome strip, passing in a rounded brand badge in the middle.

A novelty dodger carries a platform for the license plate, a reserve trapeze of the air intake and lozenge-shaped recesses with fog lights on the sides.

The muscular bumper ends with a solid black-plastic protection at the very bottom.

The sides of the new body are distinguished by a streamlined roof and a rather simple window line in solid black plastic trim and quite wide uprights.

Immediately under all this begins smooth relief, resting in a rigid horizontal facet over the protruding sills.

Buick Excelle 2022.

And the look is completed by large rounded mirrors, slightly protruding door handles with natural grip and circular wheel arches with original alloy wheels of new design.

The rear of the sedan is not notable for anything interesting.

A heavily sloped small window here passes into a short trunk lid with an aerodynamic elevation on the top edge.

Below there are simple relief transitions, a platform for the registration plate and large droplet-shaped parking lights, as well as nameplates with information about the model.

The rear bumper is very simple, and despite its large size, includes only fog light strips and brightly outlined relief transitions.

But the bright finish of the exhaust system, very appropriate here, unfortunately, can not be found.

Buick Excelle 2022.


Inside the new Buick Excelle 2022 model year, there are few changes.

Simple trim materials, modest multimedia equipment and not the most comfortable seats — this is all that the driver and passengers can count on to move not very long distances.

The design of the front end

To find something interesting in the area of the torpedo is not possible. The driver is met by a rather large three-spoke steering wheel with a minimal number of command buttons on one of the two side spokes.

Immediately behind it there is a two-dashboard with a tachometer, speedometer and onboard computer in the middle.

Closer to the center, under the ventilation deflectors, there is a small screen of the command and entertainment complex and a block of the climate system «taps» a little lower.

Above the transition to the tunnel you can find several sockets for the connection of external data carriers, as well as a 12 V socket.

Buick Excelle 2022.

The central tunnel itself is not wide and low, but there is a place for the technical unit with a large gear selector at the head, a modest organizer and an armrest with an additional box for small items.

Technical Specifications

Technically, the Buick Excelle 2022 won’t change much. It will retain a fairly modern front-wheel drive «bogie» GEM, as well as a 1.3-liter engine with 106 «horses». As a gearbox can be used either mechanical six-speed, or a variator.

The tests showed that the car can easily cope with the city and highway, but on off-road its capabilities are severely limited. But the novelty will consume very little gasoline, accelerate quickly, and the «soft» suspension will give a feeling of comfort.

Options and prices

The novelty will be offered in China, in fact, in two basic configurations, each of which can be expanded by buying additional packages.

In this case, the starting price will be approximately 13.5 thousand U.S. dollars, and all additional equipment will be priced at another 3.5 thousand units of U.S. currency.


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