Buick Verano Pro 2022.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.

Buick Verano Pro 2022: a stylish and practical sedan for local markets.

For the first decade of its life, the Buick Verano was a sister car to the Opel Astra, being produced on the same platform and having a similar look.

However, after a restyling earlier this year, Opel moved its hit to a new bogie, and the Buick Verano Pro 2022 was localized in China.

The car with a bright appearance and nice interior was presented back in April, and now we can say with certainty that the buyer will be offered a new generation of sedan, not just an update to the previous version.

The new model will be in stable and stable demand in the markets of several corners of the globe.


The exterior of the new model can be safely credited to her. It is quite modern, but at the same time lacks the monotony inherent in many modern cars.

A combination of European, American and Korean styles is guessed in the design. Smooth contours of the body, bright optics and air intake elements, as well as moderate use of small decorative elements advantageously distinguish the novelty in the stream.

Judging by the photo, the front part of the sedan is the brightest. It is put low and has very modest dimensions.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.

Under a large, strongly sloped windshield a flat hood lid with relief raised central part is painted.

Immediately at the edges, emphasizing the shape of this detail, are stretched stylish headlamps with a stroke of LED lights and quality stuffing.

And between them — a rounded radiator grille, closed by a black plastic grille and decorated by a chrome horizontal strip with a round Buick emblem in the middle.

Below begins the embossed trim, which found a place for the license plate, two oval cutouts on the edges, which can be inserted fog lights, under the central trapeze of the air intake, as well as the aerodynamic lip with a thin protective strip on the bottom edge.

The Buick Verano Pro 2022’s profile is distinguished by the smooth contours of the roof and the drop-shaped window line emphasizing its shape.

Here, the manufacturers decided not to use chrome, limiting themselves to black and plastic trim on the pillars and window surrounds.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.

A few horizontal grooves are showing through the smooth relief transitions, making quiet look a little more masculine.

Rounded mirrors, small door handles, protruding from the body, and bright wheels in perfectly round arches complete the look.

The rear part of the new body is designed in a classic style. The rounded sloping window under the «shark fin» has a medium size and passes into a short trunk lid with an aerodynamic strip in the rear.

Below, the horizontally stretched parking lights, relief, license plates, and decals can be found.

The stern ends with a protruding bumper with a diffuser, decorated with a chrome line and containing large fog lights.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.


The interior of the new Buick Verano Pro 2022 model year looks very modern, and among the trim materials can be found quality leather, plastic, fabric and metal inserts.

The merits of the car can also include a panoramic roof, a solid multimedia equipment and comfortable seating.

Controls and controls

Steering wheel of a novelty is three-spoke, of medium size, with a pleasant to the touch rim and a slight straightening in the lower part.

The side spokes of the steering wheel are allocated to numerous buttons and levers.

The dashboard of the car allows you to display data in several formats, it is combined here with the screen of the multimedia-command center and is designed in the form of a vertically placed tablet without any visor.

A little lower are the streamlined ventilation deflectors, decorated with chrome inserts, and immediately below them — a number of physical buttons and the control unit for climate control of the traditional appearance.

Central tunnel after restyling became a little narrower, but contains a full range of essential elements: the technical part with the gear selector at the head, organizers, places for recharging gadgets, as well as a leather-covered armrest with a cooling compartment inside.

Buick Verano Pro 2022.

Seating and trunk

The car has five seats, with a combination cloth-leather trim, medium-soft padding, comfortable seating and a standard set of features.

For the front seats, there’s heating, side support, electric position adjustments, and a massager — but at a surcharge. In the back, you can use the folding armrest or slightly change the inclination of the backrest.

The luggage compartment has increased significantly: from 452 to 480 liters. And this is not the limit, because the backrest can be easily folded down, and then this figure will increase by 2.5 times.

Technical characteristics

Length and width Buick Verano Pro 2022 decreased slightly, to 4.66 and 1.785 meters respectively, but the length of the wheelbase remained at the same level — 2.7 meters.

And characteristics of the power unit have appreciably increased — now even in base the petrol turbo-quarter with volume of one and a half liters and 180 powers working together with a variator is offered.

True, the former motor — three-cylinder engine with return of 158 «horses» remains.

As the test drive has shown, the automobile will suit perfectly for city trips and out-of-town autobahns.

However, the front drive will not be enough for experiments with lack of roads.

Options and prices

The car will be presented in two basic configurations: basic and sports, with the prefix GS, and each can be expanded with additional packages.

The starting price of the car will cross the mark of 20000 dollars.

Competing models

The updated Buick is ready to compete with such popular models as the Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry and Ford Mondeo.

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