Cadillac XT4 2021.

Cadillac HT4 2021.

Cadillac XT4 2021.

Cadillac XT4 2021: A cute little SUV from America.

The American brand Cadillac has long been deservedly associated among motorists with comfort and reliability, as well as modern design and the latest engine compartment characteristics.

One of the company’s prettiest compact crossovers has recently received a long-awaited update. The novelty was named Cadillac XT4 2021, almost coming close to the premium segment. With its striking appearance, the new model is sure to attract the attention of young drivers who prefer exclusively American cars.

In addition to the dynamic body design, an ergonomic and roomy interior is offered, as well as a wide selection of all kinds of «smart» assistants and additional options. All of this together is designed to attract consumer interest in the car, and there is no doubt that it will be quite high.


Cadillac HT4 2021.

Even from the photo, you can determine that the appearance of the crossover meets all the standards of modern automotive fashion. After restyling, the Cadillac began to look win-win even against the background of more expensive Asian and European classmates.

The car combines classic American features and striking decorative elements that make the novelty stand out on the road.

The 2021 Cadillac XT4 has the most striking front end. It is not the longest, but it is set high and wide. The large bonnet with longitudinal relief steps and a slight slope towards the front looks bright and monumental here. Just below it begins a large radiator grille with chrome bezels in the Cadillac signature.

Along the edges of it there are ultra-modern lampshades for head lighting, made as a single unit with vertical stripes of LED daytime running lights. Below is a large bumper with massive plastic protection, aerodynamic transitions, as well as additional slots for air access to the engine compartment and to the front brakes.

The profile of the new body looks quite bright and at the same time expensive. The solidity of the sidewalls is given by the roof line inclined towards the rear window, rather large windows in chrome frames and separated by black pillars, as well as a combination of smoothly rolling and chopped relief, especially noticeable in the lower part of the doors.

The look of this part is complemented by cute large mirrors, as well as huge wheel arches with bright large discs inside and a decorative plastic trim in the sill area. The latter also performs a protective function, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body from damage.

At the rear, the car boasts panoramic glass with a corporate logo and pronounced ribs on the main part of the trunk lid. A true work of art can be considered vertical narrow side lights bizarrely curving towards the rear fenders of the car.

The body kit includes two-tone fog lines, as well as a massive plastic insert with slots for a pair of large trunks of the exhaust system.

Cadillac HT4 2021.


The interior of the new Cadillac XT4 2021 model year in a number of parameters surpasses the design of the «big brother» — the XT5 model.

In all cases, the interior will receive high-quality leather and carbon fiber trim, complemented by carbon and precious wood inserts, excellent multimedia equipment and comfortable seating, on which even a long journey will seem easy and pleasant.

Front end decoration

In the initial configuration, in the middle of the dashboard there will be a half-analog, half-digital dashboard, consisting of a touchscreen display of the multimedia system, as well as a dashboard with the main sensors and an on-board computer.

Underneath it all flaunts two rows of buttons and washers to activate the most requested options. The rest of the controls are placed on the side spokes of the multifunctional steering wheel with a very comfortable grip.

The car’s tunnel turned out to be narrow and low. At the beginning is a sleek technical panel with a gear selector and a large washer for adjusting the entertainment system. There are also several organizers, as well as a very comfortable armrest with an additional glove compartment inside.

Cadillac HT4 2021.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car can be conditionally called a five-seater, although it will be more convenient to travel in the back together. The front seats are sporty.

They will receive good support in the lumbar region, will be equipped with heating and ventilation, as well as a fine tuning system on electric drives.

The rear sofa is much more modest, and, as already mentioned, there is not much space here.

But in the trunk of the crossover, you can easily load almost 650 liters of luggage. And by adding the rear seats, you can more than double this figure.

Cadillac HT4 2021.


Distinctive features of the 2021 Cadillac XT4 are slightly increased — up to 4.6 meters — length, the center base has grown to almost 2.8 meters and a rather modest ground clearance: it barely exceeds 17 centimeters.

The heart of the car will be a two-liter gasoline unit with a turbine, capable of producing 241 «horses». The efforts of the motor will be transmitted either only to the front or to all wheels at once, but the gearbox is represented by an uncontested nine-speed hydromechanics.

As the test drive of the novelty has shown, it is perfect for driving in the city and on the highway, but off-road, even with all-wheel drive, you need to drive off with caution.

Options and prices

Most likely, the automotive world will see three modifications of the car, the price of the simplest one starts from 36 thousand dollars, and for the most sophisticated one will need to pay 9 thousand more units of the American currency.

Sales start in Russia

The release date in Russia is not in question, in principle, but the car should enter the North American and European markets at the end of 2020 — beginning of 2021.

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