Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

The new Russian cross-country Evolute i-rate 2022-2023 with «zero» fuel consumption is presented. First information.

In the spring of this year, the domestic media began to spread information that the plant, located in the Lipetsk region, will set up production of five new electric cars under the Evolute brand by Motorinvest at once.

The portal designer showed how the first crossover produced at this plant, called Evolute i-rate 2022-2023, could look.

It is already known that the Russian crossover will get at least one electric motor, located on the front axle, with a capacity of about 163 hp.

This is enough productive unit, allowing the model to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds.

The energy capacity of the battery pack of the model is not yet known, but it is said to be enough to cover about 405 km without recharging.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

About the price of the presented model is also unknown, but experts assure that it will be very inexpensive.

This is indicated by the fact that now the government provides additional subsidies to manufacturers engaged in the development of electric vehicles.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

In addition, the localization of its production will be much higher than that of domestic models with internal combustion engines and will reach 5,000 points.

By the way, the localization indicator for the UAZ Patriot is 2,209 points, the Lada Granta — 3,280 points, and the Renault Duster — 2,149 points.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

The domestic model will be a fairly strong copy of the Seres SF7, which has not yet entered the market, but it is already known that Sokon Group and Huawei were involved in its development.

And it already says that the Evolute i-rate 2022-2023 will be quite a technological electric car.

The most expensive versions will have servo drive, heating and ventilation of front seats, as well as adaptive cruise control.

Evolute i-rate 2022-2023.

According to preliminary data, serial production of this electric crossover from Russia will start in September this year.

Its main sales will be concentrated in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major regional centers.

But most importantly, potential buyers will be able to count on a 35% discount as part of the preferential car lending program.

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