GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

The GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner project challenges the AURUS.
ZIM Hyperliner: a modern interpretation of the classic GAZ-12.

The Russian land is not depleted of designers.
Independent domestic car designers periodically please with renders, which demonstrate how exactly, in their opinion, this or that model may look.

And quite often laid out photos of cars, which are not even in the plans of automakers.

On the eve of one of the experts presented his vision of exactly how a Russian premium car built on the basis of GAZ-12 ZIM may look.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

It should be said that the demonstrated car turned out to be quite original. It is designed in the style of American premium models, presented in the market in the 50-60s of the last century.

In front the model really reminds the classic GAZ-12 ZIM. The hood lid and grille contours add closeness to the appearance.

Narrow horizontal bars of headlamps give the car a predatory expression. The stern has a sporty orientation in the design due to the installation of vertical lights, a retractable spoiler on the trunk, as well as triangular exhaust system spigots.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

Back in two thousand eighteen, Russian designer Sergei Barinov published renderings of the modern version of the GAZ-12 ZIM, but the appearance of the computer model turned out to be quite controversial.

Three years later, the man presented updated images of the car, correcting most of the controversial points.

Interestingly, the car invented by Barinov was named «NVC ZIM Hiperliner», where «NVC» is an abbreviation of his own brand and stands for «New Vintage Cars».

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

It kept closed wheel arches, center section of the body, panoramic windshield (like American cars of 1950 and 1960-ies), as well as sloping transparent roof from the project of three years ago.

At the same time, the front and rear end of the new version became more modern and sporty. The front end had a more traditional hood and horizontal headlamps instead of the old «beak» shape.

Plus the front end now has an almost square grille.

At the stern of the sports sedan a spoiler integrated into the trunk lid, which boasts an additional retractable section.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner.

The shape of the vertical lights remained recognizable, although the location of the optics itself has been changed.

The interior design looks very interesting. Here are placed the original multitudinal control, multimedia system and digital «dashboard» with large screens, as well as vertical air deflectors.

Interior of the virtual model is also updated, and the only reminder about the car three years ago is a big wooden insert on the front panel.

With that, the «restyled» ZIM got three large displays, two of which are located on the central console, and one — in front of the driver (it serves as a virtual dashboard).

Selector of automatic transmission is now located on the steering column, and the «steering wheel» became much more stylish.

Passengers in the second row will be pleased with personal displays on the front seat backs and a multifunction armrest, which controls a separate climate control.

Rear passengers in the cabin of such a model will be placed not on the usual sofa, and on two separate seats, between which is a massive tunnel with an armrest.

For added comfort, the developers built digital screens into the backrests of the front seats.

The author of the renders called his own project «Hyperliner», and also talked about plans to create a coupe version of the car.

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