Hongqi HS5 2023.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

The Belarusian automobile plant has started production of the premium crossover Hongqi HS5.

The Hongqi HS5 premium SUV began to be assembled at a production site in Belarus.

In Belarus, they began to officially produce cars of the luxury Chinese brand Hongqi on the assembly lines of the Unison company in the suburbs of Minsk. The debut model was the Hongqi HS5 SUV.

The production of foreign cars HS5 is carried out from vehicle kits delivered from China.

They are used to make finished cars in Belarus for further sale. The day before, the company received 36 copies of such “designers”.

It is noted that by the end of this year the Belarusian automobile plant will assemble about 1 thousand cars using the large-unit method.

Local authorities promise that over time, the production of Chinese cars will be organized in Belarus with almost 100% localization.

The length of the crossover stretches to 4760 mm. The width is 1907 mm and the height is 1700 mm with a wheelbase of 2870 mm.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

Under the hood there is a 2-liter unit, which generates 224 “horses” on gasoline paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive relies on both axes.

Hongqi HS5 has not only been confirmed for the Russian market, but has also received Vehicle Type Approval — a certificate that allows the model to begin sales in the country.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

In China, meanwhile, the restyled HS5 with an elegant radiator grille with vertical slats and a spectacular red stripe stretching from the grille to the middle of the hood was declassified.

In terms of dimensions, it is comparable to the BMW X3 and, like other Hongqi models, is positioned as a premium one.

A higher power engine has also been announced: the two-liter CA4GC20TD-32 unit develops 252 horsepower instead of the previous 224 horsepower. At the same time, according to OTTS, in the specifications for the Russian market, the engine power was reduced to 218 forces.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

The start of sales of the updated HS5 in China is expected in the spring. In Russia, this model will appear during 2023, but with a design from three years ago.

It is worth noting that the Hongqi HS5 is very popular in China — this model accounts for about 45 percent of the brand’s total sales.

The pre-restyling crossover costs in the domestic market from 183.8 thousand yuan (1.85 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and in Russia this model may turn out to be about 1.5 times more expensive.

Hongqi HS5 2023.

In addition to HS5, Hongqi will bring three more models to Russia.

This is the large electric crossover E-HS9, which is already available at dealers dealing in Chinese exotics, as well as the H9 sedans (a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-Series) and H5 (a classmate of the Toyota Camry).

The dates of their appearance have not yet been announced.


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