Hongqi N701 2024.

Hongqi N701 2024.

Hongqi N701 2024.

Xi Jinping arrived at the meeting with US President Xi with his secret Hongqi N701 limousines: all the details.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping showed the US President his Hongqi N701 limousine.

Yesterday, November 15, Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in the United States of America.

This is where a meeting with US President Joe Biden is planned.

Particular attention of local journalists was focused on the fact that the leader of the Celestial Empire uses his personal cars, which arrived with him, to travel around the country.

There is little information about the Hongqi N701 limousine in the public domain. Characteristics are kept secret.

In total, it is planned to assemble fifty such vehicles that will be used for government duties.

As for the car itself, its length is at the level of 5,500 mm, which indicates the most spacious and comfortable interior. Particular attention is paid to safety in their development.

Hongqi N701 2024.

In particular, the body and glass of the Hongqi N701 received bulletproof materials.

By the way, similar protection is provided for tires. The car is said to be able to withstand impacts from small bombs, and built-in air filtration and purification technology protects against chemical weapons.

Under the hood of the car is a six-liter V12 engine with 408 horsepower.

Hongqi N701 2024.

In 2022, the flagship of the Chinese auto industry changed its format again. When developing the N701, the engineers clearly looked back at the Maybach: look at the deliberately long door, the chrome insert in the middle and the extravagant but streamlined wheels.

Security measures are such that there are practically no photographs of Air Force One from China: all photographs of the car were taken by foreign reporters.

It is not surprising that after several days of free movement around Moscow, before being sent back, the new Hongqi product was again wrapped in camouflage.

Hongqi N701 2024.

Information about the Hongqi N701 technology is contradictory. The most popular are two theories: some insiders believe that under the hood there is a 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine from the LS7 crossover, others that the flagship was partially unified with the “civilian” H9 sedan and equipped with a hybrid 3.0-liter V6.

One thing is for sure: over time, Comrade Xi will return to the V12 engine. A unit with outstanding characteristics has already been developed, and its appearance on a limousine is a matter of prestige.

The interior of the executive limousine surprised with decorative inserts made of blue wood and an abundance of screens: you can get a general idea of the interior decoration from official videos of Russian TV channels.

Hongqi N701 2024.

But the glazing area is smaller than it seems: the armored glass has a thick edging on top, the insert in the rear pillar is blank, and from indirect evidence it can be assumed that the Hongqi N701 does not have rear through glass: the continuation of the roof is a thick metal sheet.

The next new Hongqi product for the party leader may be a ceremonial convertible based on the 701st, and there is time for development: the next ceremonies in China are planned for 2025.

Let us pay tribute to the pace of development of new cars for the Chinese leader: it seems that in this kind of “arms race” both the American and Russian industries are lagging behind.


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