Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

Genesis G90 Limousine luxury sedan unveiled.
In March two thousand sixteenth, the presentation of the large Genesis EQ900 L sedan took place in South Korea, which replaced the Equus Limousine model.

The world premiere of the model took place at the auto show in New York.

The wheelbase of the new 2021 Genesis G90 Limousine has grown by 290 millimeters, and the overall length of the car has increased to 5 494 mm, which is even slightly longer than that of the Mercedes-Maybach S.

Models and prices of Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

5.0 (413 HP) Limousine AWD AT8 — 7,160,000 rubles.
AT8 — automatic 8-speed, AWD — four-wheel drive

For the Ji 90 limousine, only the top-end 5.0-liter V8 engine with 425 hp is available, which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Genesis G90 Limousine 2021. With such an engine, the car is capable of accelerating from zero to hundreds in 5.7 seconds, and its maximum speed is declared to be 240 kilometers per hour.

Inside, the Genesis G90 Limousine 2021 almost completely repeats the original version of the sedan.

At the back, there are separate electric chairs, with the right one equipped with retractable leg support, and pockets for papers appeared in the central pillars.

The price of a car on the domestic market starts at $ 125,000, while in Russia they ask for 7,160,000 rubles (sales started in the fall of two thousand and sixteen).

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

The refreshed Genesis G90 L just got a little more luxurious.

Following the large sedan Genesis G90, its extended version has also undergone a large-scale restyling.

Recall that the Koreans themselves proudly call the car with the G90 L index a limousine, although Genesis still does not have partitions in the cabin that are supposed to be used for cars of this type.

But the approach to stretching the sedan differs from that usually used by German companies: the length and wheelbase are increased by 290 mm, but only 40 of them fell on the rear door openings, and the remaining 250 is a blind insert in the B-pillar area.

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

Like the base sedan, the extended version now has a completely new design of the front and rear: in the stream, such a Genesis cannot be confused with a pre-styling model.

The total length of the car has not changed: the same 5495 mm. At the same time, a long sedan is only 45 kg heavier than a similar short one: the curb weight is 2270 kg.

The Korean flagship did not have folding tables and the possibility of transforming chairs into sleeping places.

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

There are the same separate rear seats with an electric drive, «tablets» for rear passengers, a four-zone «climate», inserts made of natural wood and a massive central tunnel, as in the top version of a regular sedan.

As before, of the features — only retractable support for the legs of the right passenger, as well as pockets and bedside lamps on the wide B-pillars.

But restyling brought the «limousine» an even more luxurious finish: semi-aniline leather with an original pattern upholstered not only the chairs, but also the lining of the central tunnel.

Genesis G90 Limousine 2021.

Genesis G90 L is offered only with the largest aspirated V8 5.0 (425 hp), eight-speed «automatic» and all-wheel drive transmission HTRAC with a multi-plate clutch in the front wheel drive.

In Korea, updated long wheelbases are already available for order, the price is 138 thousand dollars, that is, almost a third more expensive than a similar short sedan with a V8 engine.

By the way, the pre-reform Genesis G90 L can also be bought in Russia for 6.4 — 7.2 million rubles, but there are not many who wish: according to Autoreview, last year we sold only 20 such cars.

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