Hummer HX 2021.

Hummer HX 2021.

Hummer HX 2021.

Hummer HX 2021: brutal SUV, now fully electric.
Several decades ago, cars of this brand were among the most popular, especially among adult male car enthusiasts.

Large SUVs with a very brutal appearance, high-quality interior and good characteristics were produced under this brand. However, with the appearance of serious competition, the company lost its leadership and curtailed production.

True, now she returns with renewed vigor to return to the throne again. First in line will be the 2021 Hummer HX, which is fully electric.

The new model will receive quite a few different parts from the company’s past cars, thanks to which it will remain recognizable, but it will also be possible to find a bunch of original design solutions here.


As mentioned earlier, the new body will have a lot of details that I will send here from the previous representatives of the lineup. In the photo you can see the branded air intake system, optics, as well as the shape of the main body elements.

Hummer HX 2021.

True, there are also enough original parts that were created specifically for this car. These are power structures, and various reliefs, and mirrors, and much more, thanks to which the car looks solid and very aggressive.

The front of the body is made in the traditional style of the brand. It takes on a fairly large size and is located at a decent height.

Also, there is almost no tilt, which makes it impossible for drivers of small stature to control the car, since they simply will not see anything from what is happening on the road. A large hood, which is strewn with various relief stepped transitions, also interferes with the view.

The bulk of the relief is concentrated in the central part. Behind the hood, there is immediately a small air intake in the form of a rectangle, divided into parts by several vertical wide lines, painted in the body color and including one letter each, from which the brand name is formed.

On the sides of the grille are small headlights, which have got a round shape. In any configuration, they will illuminate the road using LED lights.

Quite a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, however, there is almost no decor here. This part of the car is made of a combination of plastic and non-colored metals and serves to provide protection for the body when driving on difficult road sections.

Hummer HX 2021.

Useful details include towing eyes and a winch.
The SUV looks solid enough on the sides. The upper part of the profile is filled only with a small rectangular window, which does not have any decorative frame and is simply built into the door.

But next to it you can see a variety of chrome parts. These include door hinges, handles, small rectangular rear-view mirrors, a gas tank cap and other small items.

In addition, the profile of the SUV includes an undulating relief, repeaters of turn signals located near the door hinges, wide fenders and protective plastic inserts that run along the lower perimeter.

The car is also well executed at the back. About half of the total area of ​​this part of the body is located at a large slope. It consists only of the luggage compartment window.

On the main part of the tailgate, which has almost no tilt, you can see a mount for a spare wheel, an interesting shape of the marker signals with a thin chrome frame, as well as a little relief.

As in the front, a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, but it will also only perform a protective role, since it is made of a combination of metals with plastic. There are also details such as fog lights and towing eyes. The exhaust system is not offered as an electric car.

Hummer HX 2021.


The car also received an interesting-looking interior. True, the new Hummer NH 2021 model year inside still cannot be called modern and stylish, rather unusual, judging by the concept. It is unlikely that all motorists will like this look of the interior.

The interior of the car will be finished with materials such as fabrics, plastic, genuine leather, metals and even wood.

The appearance of the dashboard of the car is available so far only in the form of a concept. On it you can see several washers for adjusting climatic options, as well as three recesses covered with shutters, behind which, apparently, some monitors will be located.

This completes the equipment of the torpedo. There is a lot of space for the tunnel. It is also located at a high altitude. You can see a bunch of storage compartments, a small technical panel and a large armrest, inside of which there may be a cooled glove compartment.

Hummer HX 2021.

Surprisingly, the car can only fit four passengers. Each of them will be content with a completely comfortable seat, which will receive a natural leather trim, electric position adjustments, heating, passenger support on the sides and other interesting options that have a positive effect on comfort.

It is difficult to say yet how well this car is suitable for travel. The photo shows that it will not be possible to put a lot of things in the trunk, but later a test drive will confirm or deny this statement.


At the moment, the specs of the 2021 Hummer HX have yet to be revealed. However, it is unlikely that such a legendary brand would be revived in order to sell weak cars.

Therefore, it is quite possible to expect the appearance of combinations of several motors on different axles here, because this solution provides good returns and permanent all-wheel drive.

Options and prices

The price of the Hummer NH 2021 has not yet been disclosed.


The car should compete with the Tesla Cybertruck model.

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