Jeep Commander 2022.

Jeep Commander 2022.

Jeep Commander 2022.

What cars under the name Jeep Commander do we know? The large frame SUV has long since fallen into oblivion without market success: these vehicles were produced from 2005 to 2010.

But since 2018, another Jeep Commander, a large crossover based on the Cherokee created specifically for China and produced by the GAC-FCA joint venture, has been in production.

And soon another Jeep Commander will appear: also a crossover, but for Latin America. Its exterior is declassified today.

Jeep Commander 2022.

It is not a version of the Chinese Commander and even not its relative.

The new crossover is developed by Brazilian division of the alliance Stellantis, and it is the first model of Jeep of local spill, though the engineering division has already got a hand in creation of automobiles Fiat.

Brazilian Commander is developed on the basis of a compact crossover Jeep Compass, which is localized in this country.

Jeep Commander 2022.

The newcomer is noticeably bigger and has a three-row cabin, but the exact specifications have not been made public yet.

The body is original and has no common panels with the Compass, and the shape of the roof and rear pillars, it rather resembles the new Grand Cherokee. The headlights are fully LED.

But the interior of the Commander, judging by the first images, is the same as the updated Compass.

Jeep Commander 2022.

The front panel — with virtual instruments (10.25-inch screen) and a media system tablet (10.1 inches) sticking out from the top.

The top version of the Overland will have rich equipment, including adaptive cruise control and an automatic braking system.

Jeep Commander 2022.

Technical details are not yet available. According to preliminary information, the Commander will have the same engines as the Brazilian Compass — a petrol turbo four 1.3 (185 hp) with a six-speed «automatic» and turbodiesel 2.0 (about 200 hp) with a nine-speed «automatic». Front or all-wheel drive.

Full presentation of the new crossover is scheduled for August 26.

Jeep Commander will be produced in Brazilian Goião — on the same assembly line as the Compass.

Export is planned only for Latin America, so do not expect this crossover on the European continent.

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