Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

Lamborghini Urus S: update of the base model.

More recently, the extreme Urus Performante debuted, which was the first Urus variant since its debut in 2017.

And the Lamborghini Urus S crossover unveiled now is not a further expansion of the range, but an update to the base model.

Thus, from now on, the crossover family will consist of two versions — the Urus S and the Urus Performante.

They have the same V8 4.0 biturbo engine. Compared to the initial Urus, it is symbolically boosted from 650 to 666 hp, although in China it will be 640 hp for some certification reasons.

In any case, the torque remains the same (850 Nm), but the exhaust system has been reconfigured: the Urus S should roar slightly differently.

The transmission has not been changed: there is an eight-speed automatic and permanent four-wheel drive with the Torsen axle differential.

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

But in addition to the existing six driving modes (road Strada, Sport and Corsa, off-road Terra, Neve and Sabbia), a new preset Ego is added, which should be the most «spectacular».

On the outside, the Urus S differs from the original Urus in other bumpers: they are almost the same as the Performante version, but with less-developed lower pads.

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

The hood has also been changed (it is now carbon fiber), and there are new exhaust system spigots.

As before, there is a choice of 21-, 22- or 23-inch wheels. The changes in the interior are at the level of decor and finishing materials (their choice has become wider).

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

The Urus S has kept the standard chassis with air suspension — now it has become the key difference from the extreme version Performante, which has a spring suspension.

Adaptive shock absorbers and active anti-roll bars are preserved. The curb weight is the same 2,197 kg as that of the former Urus.

Lamborghini Urus S 2023.

Lamborghini Urus S can get «a hundred» in 3,5 seconds against 3,6 seconds in the base model and 3,3 seconds in the Performante version.

And acceleration time to 200 km/h — 12.5 seconds versus 12.8 and 11.5 seconds respectively.

The maximum speed is the same as before.

However, the price almost has not changed: in Europe for Urus S they ask 195500 euros, while the Performante costs from 215 thousand euros.

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