Mazda 6 2023.

Mazda 6 2023.

Mazda 6 2023.

Mazda 6 2023. Details about the all-new generation of the model.
Mazda 6 continues to represent the «family» D-class, but the new fourth generation should take a noticeable step forward, or rather «jump» into a more prestigious segment.

Intentions of Japanese to be in «premium» confirm the information that insiders and spies manage to get from the developers.

The main ones concern new in-line engines, which will be installed longitudinally.

In addition, the new Mazda 6 2023 has already defined numerous modifications in the form of sedans, wagons, coupes and «charged» versions, which will be able to have different types of drive and hybrid motors.

What is known about the next generation.

The changes are overdue: the current version of the model has been produced since 2012, but having gone through three consecutive restyling, it has not changed much in appearance.

During the updates, the focus was on improving the equipment, but now the model is on the verge of radical changes, which will start with the exterior.

Mazda 6 2023.

The platform will change as well, taking new hybrid engines and probably will be «sharpened» for further introduction of «pure» electric technologies.

We also expect big surprises in terms of equipping the new Mazda 6 2023 with on-board systems.

At least, the Japanese promise to surprise the automobile world with its new i-Activ intelligent all-wheel drive system.


Creating the body design of the new Mazda 6 2023 model year, developers will be inspired by the Mazda Vision Coupe concept car, which the company showed back in 2017.

Mazda 6 2023.

The appearance of the car is not revolutionary and inherits many brand «chips», and let the production sedans and Mazda 6 coupes will probably differ from the concept car, the body lines of the novelty will be «cleaner», and the front will get a long overhanging hood over the radiator grille.

In the pictures of the show car, it is really huge and almost identical to the windshield, which against the background of missing door handles, perfectly smooth sides and miniature cameras instead of side mirrors makes the car looks like a flying bullet.


Details of the interior of the new Mazda 6 is still hidden, although given the complete absence of information about the interior of the new «six», its development may be at the very early stage of design.

Therefore, we have to start from what the model has already achieved in terms of providing interior comfort and equipment.

Electric drives and ventilation of seats, qualitative leather upholstery, parktronic devices, all-around view cameras, premium sound system — the weak place of the interior could be considered as absent virtual «dashboard» and rather modest central display of an infotainment complex.

Mazda 6 2023.

It is obvious that these omissions will be taken into account by the manufacturer, and the pretension to premium class, as they say, obliges.

Specifications and stuffing

Huge hood is one of the consequences of using longitudinally located engines.

It is known that the latter will be the latest six-cylinder engines Skyactiv-X and Skyactiv-D — gasoline and diesel, and the first, at least, will receive a «soft» hybrid superstructure in the execution of 48-volt starter generator.

It is likely that by the time of the debut requirements for powertrains premium sedan will increase, but so far the manufacturer has announced only such engines, as well as two drive options — rear and all-wheel drive.

Mazda 6 2023.

Of course, it will not do without the latest electronic assistants, which will make driving the car «branded».

We can recall that the current version of the Mazda 6, which belongs to the D-class, G-Vectoring Control, which controls the pull of the engine in the turns, was installed.

Date of appearance and release in Russia

Tentative time for the debut of the new Mazda 6 fourth generation — 2023. If the timing is not postponed, more information about the novelty will be able to find out as early as this 2021, when its first driving test will begin.

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