New Kia EV9 2023.

New Kia EV9 2023.

New Kia EV9 2023.

New Kia EV9 production crossover: first images.

Last week Kia distributed photos of camouflaged samples of the future big electric crossover, thanks to which we have the opportunity to assess how the novelty will look.

Early last year, the Korean company announced its Plan S development strategy, according to which Kia intends to focus on development and production of electric vehicles.

The firstborn was the EV6 crossover hatchback, which premiered last March.

By the way, it was recently certified in Russia in two versions.

Soon it will be joined by a large flagship crossover with an index EV9, which will be a production version of the concept shown last November.

The production model will be very similar to the concept, but it will not become its exact copy.

First of all, the proportions and shape of the body will change a little: the windshield will get a bigger slope, and the rear overhang will be increased.

New Kia EV9 2023.

At the front, the most noticeable difference will be more traditional block headlights, and in general, the front of the novelty will echo the «traditional» flagship crossover Telluride, which received a restyling in April this year.

The sides will get a little more simple shape, while the characteristic cambers above the wheel arches will remain.

New Kia EV9 2023.

Plastic pads on wheel arches will be angular, as in the concept, but the arches will be round.

There will be traditional side mirrors, as well as retractable door handles, similar to the aforementioned model EV6.

Another difference from the concept is the chrome molding along the sill line.

As for the rear, the trunk door will be less convex, and in its lower part there will be horizontal stitching.

New Kia EV9 2023.

In addition, the crossover is depicted on one of the variants of the original wheels, which will be available for this model.

EV9 will be built on the same E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) as the EV6 crossover hatchback.

Other technical data about the upcoming novelty is not available yet, we can only assume that the filling of the big crossover will be more or less the same as the EV6, the most powerful modification of which with prefix GT develops 585 hp and 740 Nm of torque.

New Kia EV9 2023.

The production Kia EV9 is expected to premiere early next year.

Today in Russia the role of off-road flagship is played by the Mohave, the minimum official price tag of which is 5,829,900 rubles.

It is equipped with a non-alternative 249-horsepower 3.0 V6 CRDi diesel engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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