Nissan Serena 2023.

Nissan Serena 2023.

Nissan Serena 2023.

Nissan Serena 2023: the Japanese have presented a new generation minivan.

Premiere of Nissan Serena with new C28 body took place at the end of November 22nd.

This is already the sixth generation of the minivan, although in fact, represented by the Japanese car is a deeply modernized version of the predecessor model.

The new Serena has kept the old body frame and still has characteristic sill line, but all exterior panels are new, and design of the «muzzle» has been changed.

The front of the car has large LED headlights, which are visually combined with the grille: chrome fins of the latter go on the blocks of the headlights.

The side sliding doors are equipped with an electric drive, and the main innovation is the fifth door.

Henceforth it has an integrated lifting section, consisting of a powerful frame and glass.

It can be opened even in cramped conditions (for example, in the parking lot).

Rich versions Highway Star and Luxion are already prepared for the model, which are distinguished by more magnificent bumpers.

And there is also a variant Autech, which attracts attention with a sports dodger and additional chrome decoration.

Interestingly, all versions (both base and expensive) are equipped with 16-inch wheels.

Nissan Serena 2023.

The interior of the Nissan Serena 2023 has a new front panel, which received a more traditional architecture.

Thus, the dashboard screen is now located directly behind the steering wheel, rather than somewhere on the side.

In turn, the touchscreen multimedia display used to be integrated into the central console, but now is located separately — on top of the front panel.

Directly under it there is a control panel of a two-zone climate control.

Nissan Serena 2023.

It is a glossy panel, which also has buttons to control the transmission.

Seats of the minivan are new, and the front seats can please the passengers with increased adjustment ranges.

Plus, the Japanese managed to cut out additional 120 mm of space for the driver (in longitudinal direction).

By default the saloon of the model has eight seats, but at the rich versions it is already seven-seater — with separate seats on the second row.

As for the trim, the seats already in the base have moisture-resistant upholstery.

Plus, the developers have promised improved noise insulation. Nissan Serena C28 2023 is built on the platform of the fifth generation model and in terms of dimensions almost does not differ from its predecessor.

Nissan Serena 2023.

Its length is the same as before — 4,690 mm, although the expensive variants (Highway Star and Luxion) have 4,765 mm.

The wheelbase and width of the car also remained the same — 2 870 and 1 650 mm, respectively. But it added 5 mm in height — up to 1,870 mm.

By default, the minivan has a semi-independent rear suspension, although the more expensive all-wheel drive variants have a multilever rear suspension.

The steering mechanism of the car is new, due to what the Japanese are promising an increased steering precision. The base model is equipped with 2.0-liter atmospheric engine MR20DD rated at 150 hp (200 Nm).

This engine is familiar from the fifth generation and works in conjunction with a variator. Drive in the initial modification can be front or all-wheel drive (with a clutch on the rear axle).

There is also a hybrid version e-Power in the range, on which the developers make the main bet.

Nissan Serena 2023.

Unlike gasoline-electric predecessor, it has a new power plant, although it works on the old principle.

Instead of 1.2-liter atmospheric engine with 84 hp (103 Nm), the hybrid already uses 1.4-liter with 98 hp (123 Nm).

As before, it works only in a generator mode.

And the electric motor is already responsible for rotation of wheels. The last one is new here — with the increased capacity up to 163 powers (+ 27), though the torque has not changed — 315 Nm.

In addition the Japanese have revised the control program of the hybrid unit — it now works a little quieter: the electronics tries to muffle the engine running during driving at stops and traffic lights.

The two-engine version of the model also has a mode of driving «in one pedal» (with maximum recuperation).

Plus, from now on, the hybrid boasts a 1,500-watt power outlet.

A few words should be said about the equipment of the new minivan. Henceforth it is already in the base equipped with the ProPilot pseudo-autopilot which actually is an adaptive cruise control with expanded functionality.

For extra charge you can order more advanced ProPilot 2.0, which allows the driver to remove his hands from the steering wheel while driving on the highway, but it also monitors that he did not take his eyes off the road.

Plus, a ProPilot Park remote-controlled (remote-controlled) auto parker is now available for the car.

In Japan, the new Nissan Serena will appear in winter 2022/23 and will cost from 20,000 USD (1.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

The regular versions with an internal combustion engine will debut on the local market first, but the hybrid will not be available until the spring.


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