Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021. : a longer version of the crossover.

The second generation Range Rover Evoque II crossover has received an extended version.

The novelty with the letter «L» in the name was presented to the local public at the Chongqing Auto Show in 2021.

Outside, Range Rover Evoque L has a modified profile of the drop-down roof, but visually this change is not striking.

Otherwise, the regular and extended versions of the model turned out to be identical.

The interior of the new Evoque L is slightly more spacious than the usual version, and all the increase in free space went to the passengers of the second row: the developers not only increased the distance between the rows of seats, but also widened the doorways.

In addition, there is an additional shelf for gadgets between the backs of the front seats of the long wheelbase modification.

In turn, the backrests of the rear seats acquired electrically adjustable tilt angle, and the developers placed the corresponding setting buttons on the doors.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

The Range Rover Ewok L reaches a length of 4,531 mm (+ 160), and its wheelbase is stretched to 2,841 mm (+ 160).

Of the engines for such a model relies exclusively on a 2.0-liter petrol «turbo four» of the Ingenium family with a capacity of 249 hp, which is complemented by a 48-volt starter-generator.

The car is equipped with a nine-speed automatic and four-wheel drive. The British will produce the extended Ewok at the Chery Jaguar Land Rover joint venture.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

The start of sales of the modification is scheduled for July twenty-first, and in the Chinese market, the novelty will completely replace the usual version of the SUV.

Such a crossover can be purchased at a price of $ 61,000 (4.4 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

The long wheelbase Range Rover Evoque L is highly acclaimed.

Length — 4531 mm (+160), width — 1904, height — 1650, wheelbase — 2841 (+160 mm).

«Stretching» increased the rear door openings and added 156 mm to the legroom for passengers in the second row (now 1015 mm). The dark green color with a black roof is considered unique.

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

In China, on June 15, sales of the «stretched» SUV Range Rover Evoque L began at prices ranging from 390,000 to 480,000 yuan (4.4-5.41 million rubles), although the standard Evoque «starts» at 375,800 (4.23 million).

However, the «short» import version will soon be removed from the showcase, since the Chinese are closer to the «domestic model» from the Chery Jaguar Land Rover joint venture.

The main competitors of the «elki» Chinese media call the BMW X1 (4565 mm long with a base of 2780) and Mercedes-Benz GLB (4638, 2829 mm).

In terms of the distance between the axles and the width, the Evoque L wins, however, prices for the X1 start at 279,800 yuan (3.15 million rubles), and for the GLB — from 292,800 (3.3 million).

Range Rover Evoque L 2021.

The front panel with three displays has not changed. The rear seat backrests are electrically tilted five degrees forward and seven degrees backward.

The air duct unit was covered with a rubberized tray for small items. The panoramic roof area has been increased to 0.82 m².

The Evoque L is available in China only as a mild hybrid Si4 MHEV, combining a 2.0 Ingenium petrol turbo four (249 hp, 365 N • m) with a 48-volt starter-generator, a nine-speed automatic ZF and all-wheel drive.

While the demand for Evoque leaves much to be desired: 11,324 units were sold in the PRC in 2020, 5,070 units were sold from January to May 2021.

How much a regular Evoque costs in Russia now is impossible to find out, since Jaguar Land Rover is hiding price lists. Sales of two special versions began in May.

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