Range Rover Adventum 2020.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..

Range Rover Adventum 2020.

New Range Rover Adventum: who needs a 20 million cross-coupe.
Who and why might need a compartment SUV? There are amateurs on everything who are ready to pay almost 20 million rubles, but for now a little history.

Range Rover’s plans to make an SV Coupe based on Vogue were announced two years ago, but this idea, like the electric Jaguar, was abandoned due to lack of funding.

Nevertheless, the idea was liked by the Dutch tuning studio, which was engaged in the processing of 100 units of the original model. What does it do manually. The limited edition is called Adventum Coupe.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..


Interestingly, back in 2018, the British showed their concept at the Geneva Motor Show. What is noteworthy, that concept suggested a shortened wheelbase, but in the presented version of the Dutch masters such a solution is not observed.

Plus, after reading an interview with the owner of the studio, it becomes clear that the technical part and the platform were not affected. They didn’t even add power to the motor, as is usually accepted according to “plagiarism etiquette”. In this regard, it remains only to recall what the original Range Rover model had.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..

Under the hood is a 5-liter V8 diesel engine with a return of 525 hp. at a torque of 625 Hm.
The power plant accelerates a 2.5-ton SUV (Adventum Coupe will not be easier) in just 5.4 seconds. The maximum speed is represented by 250 km / h.

The suspension is pretty standard — according to MacPherson front and multi-link rear. Four-wheel drive is uncontested. Disabling the center differential and lower gear in the kit. The gearbox is exclusively 8-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..


Now back to the compartment. Judging by the photographs presented, the front, feed and even the slope of the roof remained the same.
The only change is the radiator grill pattern, which received a cluster of vertical chrome stripes in the AMG style from Mercedes.

As for the changes on the side, with the same wheelbase, the doors became noticeably longer, although they were not frameless.

Most likely, this option will not be allowed in principle. After all, as some experts have already expressed themselves, such an intervention in the body architecture will necessarily lead to a deterioration in strength and power characteristics. The conclusion of the commission and some crash tests are not yet available.

Also, one cannot fail to note an interesting solution with racks. Now, after the door, there is only one rack and it turns out that the rear window becomes a kind of panoramic.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..


A press release showed that the overall architecture of the cabin will be similar to the original. That is, only 4 seats, because the central tunnel also cuts the rear sofa, which is why it is represented by separate premium seats.

It is stated that for passengers at the back will be presented a multimedia system with the ability to adjust some onboard functions.

In particular, in the photographs you can see the mounted monitors on the backs of the front seats. But, as already mentioned above, the interior functionality and materials will be negotiated individually with customers.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..

How much is a car and when will it go on sale

The starting price for the Adventum Coupe is announced in the region of 240,000 British pounds. Which in terms of rubles is a whopping 22 million rubles. This is almost three times the basic configuration of the original model.
Regarding deliveries, the first customers will receive compartment SUVs in the fall of 2020.

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