Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

Renault originally developed the Arkana for the Russian market.

Later, the coupe-like crossover went to conquer Europe.

And later it hit the South Korean market, where it is sold as the Renault Samsung XM3. The difference between the «Russian» and «foreign» versions of the crossover is minimal.

In our country the Arkana is quite popular. But it is in South Korea crossover became a bestseller in its class, surpassing all competitors.

And the car shows the best sales for several months in a row.

South Korean owners explained why they choose the Arkana over other crossovers.

Renault is one of the companies that make engines for Formula 1.

They are said to have designed and supplied the engine that goes into the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The rear seat is in the Kona class, but it is not inferior to the GLC, even compared to the X4.

It’s bigger than the Seltos, but are there any that pick up 4AWD?

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

Ground clearance is high. A small front-wheel drive SUV that has a four-wheel drive variation.

In fact, the basis of all comments is that the Renault Arkana offers an excellent combination of a powerful motor and efficient transmission, active all-wheel drive and affordable price.

No other crossover currently on the South Korean market can boast such characteristics.

Renault’s car is flawless, it drives well. You just need to stick to the basics. Everything else is just an accessory.

The Renault Samsung ranks first among domestic cars.

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

If you want to change after 2-3 years of driving, the car is worth it. If you plan to drive at least 200000 km or 9-10 years, I highly recommend this crossover.

Best value for money, Benz collaboration mechanism and beautiful design.

First and foremost I like the ride quality. The power transfer is so strong that the taste goes away while driving.

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

If you put it on automatic hold and stop and then get out, it feels like you are stuck.

It is quiet and absorbs bumps well.

The cabin is cramped. It feels too close to the passenger seat. The rear seat is quieter while driving than the front seat. But the seat is small and narrow. There’s plenty of room above your head.

Heated front seats are ventilated + optional heated rear seats. Either way, if you take the top-of-the-line package, you’ll be equipped with comfortable equipment.

Among the important advantages of the Arkana, which many drivers point out before buying, is that the car is cheap to maintain. At the same time, the French crossover offers 2 motors, one of which, 1.6 liters, also demonstrates excellent reliability.

Renault Samsung XM3 2022.

There are only two reasons why we drive many modern cars.

The first is the cheap cost of repairs, because there are many car centers and it’s easy to get parts.

The second is that they are easy to sell on the aftermarket. You can find all of this in the Renault Samsung.

Judging by the reviews, Arkana owners from South Korea have not found any flaws in the crossover. And those rare disadvantages that the drivers identified are compensated by the low price.

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