Rivian R1T 2020.

Rivian R1T 2020.

Rivian R1T 2020.

The Rivian R1T 2020 is a new electric pickup truck.
The Rivian R1T truck, designed by a company from Michigan, with the light hand of the company’s CEO Robert Joseph Schering, became the first representative of the EAV (Electric Adventure Vehicle) class, whose name, in fact, was patented by an enterprising developer.

He practically immediately outlined the standards that «electric cars for travel» must meet: high ground clearance, high cross-country ability, voluminous cargo compartments, «long range», etc.

Moreover, in terms of its dimensions, such a pickup corresponds to the dimensions of mid-size tracks, having 5475 mm … in length and 2015 mm. wide.

Electric pickup overview

In November last year, when Elon Musk showed the world the first electric Tesla pickup truck, the public began to vividly discuss the features of the new product and, in general, assess the prospects of any other car company to become a competitor to Tesla in the newborn segment of electric trucks.

Rivian R1T 2020.

And only real experts were laconic, because they understood that a serious struggle had been going on in this niche for a long time, although purely American companies played the main roles in it.

Havelaar, Workhorse, Bollinger — they all showed their prototypes before Musk, and in 2018 the Rivian R1T was accepted into this close company — another electric pickup, which, as it turned out, may well lead the rating of serial cars of this type.

An excellent achievement of Rivian designers can be considered the creation of a unique platform, which is called «skateboard». The dense arrangement of battery engines and chassis elements in the curved «plane» of the frame actually allows absolutely any body to be mounted on top.

In the performance of the Rivian R1T, it was a classic pickup-type body with a double cab and a cargo compartment. Of course, under the hood of this electric car there is also a quite voluminous luggage compartment.

Rivian R1T 2020.


The 2020 Rivian R1T looks more like a pickup truck than Tesla’s Cybertruck, although its creators, too, could not resist the temptation to add futurism to their truck.

Unusual optics are responsible for it in the exterior of the car, while otherwise this car is quite traditional, due to which it can even get lost in the dense city traffic. Nevertheless, we will not forget that she is far from being on city streets!


As befits the interior of a modern electric car, inside the Rivian R1T there is only a steering wheel, pedals, and a couple of touch screens. If we consider that the car is equipped with the most advanced autopilot systems by default, all that remains is to pay attention only to the seats.

They are wide, soft and complemented by the same comfortable armrests in the American pickup. In the back row, there is much less space, but enough for long journeys, since luggage, including bicycles, alpine skis, etc., can easily be found in the open body and on the roof.

Rivian R1T 2020.

Technical stuffing and power reserve

The Rivian R1T is driven by 4 electric motors, each transmitting torque to its own wheel. They are powerful enough (147 kW, 200 hp), but they are forcedly limited in their output, based on the capacity of the traction battery.

In total, the manufacturer offers three types of energy sources, which means three modifications of its electric pickup:

• The Rivian R1T with a 105-kilowatt battery can travel up to 370 km on a single charge, and its engines produce a total of 408 hp. from. (300 kW)

• Battery 135 kW ∙ h and 764 «horses» (562 kW) — this configuration will allow you to travel up to 480 km., And also provide the best performance dynamics of acceleration: 3 seconds to 97 km / h!

• The battery with a capacity of 180 kW ∙ h gives «only» 710 liters. from. power (522 kW) and less frisky acceleration due to the increased weight of the pickup, but guarantees a mileage of 640 km. without recharging.

Rivian R1T 2020.

Will Rivian R1T be released in Russia?

Not many car companies decide on official sales of electric cars in Russia. Low demand, lack of proper infrastructure — because of this, many world giants are avoiding us so far, so it would be premature to expect such small market players as Rivian to come to our country.

On the other hand, electric pickup trucks are already finding buyers all over the world, and their owners are rich, energetic people. Perhaps, soon such customers will appear in our country too, since the price of the Rivian R1T pickup is relatively low — about $ 62 thousand for the basic version.

Options and prices

Prices and configurations for the 2020 Rivian R1T electric pickup will be announced after the official debut.

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