Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022. Looking at the eighth generation of the VW Golf hatchback performed by the GTI, the question arises: is it a sports car or «cafe-racers»?

But, without bothering the reader with long waits for an answer to this question, I will say right away: this is neither one nor the other.

However, realizing that such a statement requires serious justification, I will tell you about the features of this modification, and we will try to make the final conclusion together, okay? So, «they meet by their clothes »

The changes in appearance have gone to the eighth GTI Golf clearly in favor. If the road versions have a narrowed radiator grille and «squinted» head optics cause an ambiguous impression, then for a car that is considered sporty and is at least partially so, they turned out to be more than appropriate.

Even more successful is the huge mouth of the lower air intake with a honeycomb structure, which gives the «face» of the car an even more aggressive look.

If you look in profile, the change in proportions due to an increase in the wheelbase (by 16mm) and length (by 32mm) with a decrease in height by 36mm against the body of the previous model, coupled with the increased slope of the rear pillar, also clearly benefited the «sportiness» — now the silhouette of the car is still more dynamic than before.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Some bewilderment was caused only by the drawing of the rims; not that they are ugly, it just seemed that the designer was trying to create wheels not for a modern car, but for some futorocar for filming a fantastic film for the distant future — “it doesn’t matter what the design is, as long as it doesn’t look similar in style to today’s”.

However, «the taste and color», as they say. Perhaps someone will have a completely opposite opinion on this matter. Well, and the last thing that significantly distinguishes the GTI from the base version externally is the traditional spoiler and «branded» chrome exhaust pipes inherited from its predecessor.

As a matter of fact, the appearance of the car is quite recognizable, and the “GTI” nameplates on the radiator grille, the rear end door and above the wheel arches, as it were, are not needed in order to distinguish the “sportsman” from ordinary road modifications.

Interior Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

The first thing that catches your eye, as soon as you get into the cabin, is the ergonomic three-spoke steering wheel, covered with perforated leather in the places where it is covered by the palms.

It is slightly smaller in diameter than on the road versions, has a red insert on the middle spoke and another GTI logo right in front of your eyes — what if the driver forgets what car he is driving? 🙂

Scalepaper sport bucket seats with integrated head restraints, black and gray upholstery and traditional red inlays also set the model apart from the base model.

Contrasting red «stitching» on the fabric inserts of the cushions and backrests is clearly a tribute to tradition, emphasizing the continuity of generations; red «arrows» are scattered in other places as well — they are present on the dashboard and on the door upholstery.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Actually, red has become almost the basis of the corporate identity for the GTI. It is also present in the special illumination of the instrument panel, doors, niche on the central tunnel.

And, although you can choose another color option out of thirty possible, red is considered dominant. I was pretty puzzled by the ridiculously tiny transmission control lever (one might say — already a joystick).

Well, okay, for the base model, this may work, but for the sports version it is somehow not very appropriate.

The back seat, as it seemed to me, is a bit cramped. part of the legroom is «eaten up» by the more massive front seats.

However, it is unlikely that someone will buy the whole family for regular trips, so this feature can hardly even be considered a disadvantage.

Technical characteristics

Under the hood there is a two-liter turbo engine EA888 with a capacity of 245hp, which, in my opinion, is quite enough to  however, for each of the future GTI owners, this is probably something different.

Someone can feel all the pleasure of sharp acceleration, rapid overtaking and just good speed (the car is capable of developing up to 250 km / h); some just realize this impressive potential, coupled with numerous sports and pseudo-sports bells and whistles, feeling like a cool racer.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Structurally, the engine is not too different from the previous two-liter, however, it is equipped with a new block (on the 7th generation model used only for Performance version), which provides the possibility of more efficient achievement of traction performance and an increased resource.

Together with him work either a six-speed manual transmission, or a seven-speed «automatic» DSG with a «double» clutch.

With regards to the «mechanics» — everything is clear and understandable, but the automatic transmission in a sports car hmm well, this is also not for everybody. It is convenient, of course, but it makes it impossible to feel the true drive, actively working with the lever during acceleration and maneuvers.

Design features

Like the base Golf-8, the GTI version is equipped with DCC Adaptive Suspension, but it has different settings to better realize the potential of the motor at high speeds.

The use of an aluminum subframe, which increases the rigidity of the supporting structure, also contributes to improved handling. In addition, the final drive has an electronically controlled VAQ limited slip differential with a multi-plate clutch that allows you to vary the amount of torque that the drive wheels can receive.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022.

Progressive (speed-dependent) steering is also part of the 2020 Golf GTI. It is adapted to the sporty character of the vehicle and works more precisely and correctly.

At the same time, the gear ratio of the mechanism is reduced, and the turn of the steering wheel is 2.1 turns from lock to lock.

Needless to say, the operation of all systems is controlled by an electronic «assistant», not only helping an experienced driver to complete the tasks before him to the fullest, but also able to promptly correct the mistakes of a «teapot» who imagined himself to be an incomparable professional.

In fact, the latter makes the Volkswagen VIII GTI a car that can satisfy the needs of almost any owner — both those who need a car with not ordinary capabilities, and those who just want to feel the atmosphere of «sportiness» even in the most ordinary driving conditions.

That is why, looking far ahead, I answered the title question in advance: what is the eighth generation Golf GTI — a serious sports car, or not too cheap toy for those who like to show their «coolness»?

Only now, in conclusion, I will slightly reformulate this answer: both. He is ready to give the owner what he wants to receive from him.

Options and prices

The eighth generation Volkswagen Golf GTI has begun to conquer its home market. In Germany, the price for this «hat-hatch» starts at ≈20 thousand euros.

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