Volkswagen Taos 2022.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.

Volkswagen Taos 2022: stylish German SUV.
In the range of Volkswagen SUVs, the new model of the Volkswagen Taos 2022 compact crossover is initially positioned somewhat lower than the similar model of the Tiguan series.

The car of the new generation is declared by the manufacturer as an affordable, comfortable and low-cost personal transport for everyday use and outdoor activities.

The branded crossover of the 2021 model, adapted for the domestic market, is identical in appearance and technical characteristics to the base model Skoda Karoq.


The updated five-door is decorated in a traditional Volkswagen style. Despite the lack of bright and expressive design solutions, the new model line looks at the level of similar analogues in a more prestigious price segment.

In the basic version, the crossover looks modern and attractive.
In the photo in the front view, the novelty received a cosmetic restyling demonstrates:

• narrow longitudinal reliefs of a slightly sloping bonnet;

• diamond-shaped texture of the grid combined with xenon optics blocks of the radiator cladding;

• racing diffuser format and tonal contrast of the black ventilation duct grille with the silver color of the curved protection panel.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.

The front decor of the crossover is represented by decorative chrome plating of the brand logo and overlays, as well as aerodynamic, wave and ribbed body relief elements.

The positive vision of the 2021 Taos from the profile perspective is shaped by the combination of the classic crossover layout with the sporty styling details typical of SUVs. In sight:

• a domed roof extended by a spoiler and supplemented with roof rails;

• three-section glazing line decorated with a silvery perimeter and black glossy racks;

• original pentagonal configuration of mirrors;

• variety of longitudinal reliefs.

The off-road surroundings of the all-wheel drive crossover are complemented by the presence of a protective plastic «skirt», high ground clearance and a diameter of rims increased to 18 inches.

The design of the stern of the crossover is typical for the models of the European and Asian range. In stock — the combination of a spoiler and a sloping window that has become a familiar template, complemented by brand symbols, information plates and transverse profiles, a folding tailgate.

Attention is also drawn to the proprietary graphics of multifunctional lights, a sporty configuration, supplemented by fog lamps and two chrome decorative plastic body kit exhausts.

According to experts, Volkswagen Taos 2022 in a simplified standard version will retain the most characteristic design and layout solutions of its predecessor.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.


The design of the five-seater saloon, with minor changes, was copied from the Volkswagen Tharu of the same type for the Chinese market.

Despite the status of a budget car, the quality of fabric or kozhimite finishing materials is decent, but minimalism dominates in technical and electronic equipment.

Nevertheless, in the top-end configuration of the front panel there is an informative display of a digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch diagonal of the console’s media-command display, as well as a remote control with analog elements for activating and setting standard functional and comfort-forming options.

A small part of the command buttons is placed on the upper plane of the semi-sports multifunction steering wheel.

• The compact volume of the central tunnel includes the technical section with a compact transmission control handle, a minimum of organizers and an armrest. It should be assumed that in the basic version the standard equipment will be as close as possible to the budget status.

• Optimally profiled and ergonomic driver and side rider seats offer lateral support features, standard operating adjustments and a heating circuit.

• Service of the back, conditionally three-seater, sofa is limited by the backrest inclination. There is a function of increasing the boot volume of the trunk from 500 to 1600 liters by folding the sofa back. The new body is initially characterized by increased structural rigidity and effective sound insulation.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.


In the new incarnation of the crossover, the dimensions of the popular predecessor in its segment in terms of length, width and height ratios of 4417 x 1841 and 1602 mm remained unchanged, as well as a base of 2638 mm and a clearance height of 184 mm.

«Taos» model 2021 is still based on a universal modular platform of the MQB series, with a transverse power unit. The front axle suspension is MacPherson type, and the rear axle suspension is basic torsion bar or top-end four-link.

Volkswagen Taos 2022 is equipped with gasoline engines. In the first, basic, version it is a 1.6-liter «aspirated» with an output of 110 hp / 155 Nm, in the second — a turbocharged model with parameters 1.4 l / 150 hp / 250 Nm.

Volkswagen Taos 2022.

The engine range works in tandems with a 5-speed front-wheel drive manual transmission or an all-wheel drive 8-band hydromechanical automatic.

The test drive confirmed the dynamic characteristics of the start and acceleration of the new crossover indicated in the documentation, as well as the off-road potential nominal for similar analogs.

Options and prices

In foreign countries and in our market, the new Volkswagen Taos 2022 model year is announced in four modifications. In ruble terms, the starting price of the base model is 1.5 million.

Sales start in Russia

According to available information, the release date of the new version of the crossover in Russia, set for the middle of the summer season, is likely to be implemented slightly ahead of time.


Similar models of other well-known brands, such as KIA Sportage, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, Ford Kuga and the domestic SUV UAZ-3170, can claim the status of rivals.

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