Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

2021 Volkswagen ID.5: stylish coupe-like electric crossover.

As part of the modernization of popular models of the branded range, Volkswagen is offering a restyling of the crossover in an electric configuration, which will enter the market under the Volkswagen ID.5 2021 brand.

The crossover of the new generation demonstrates the aerodynamic parameters of the body, nominal for its class, a comfortable cabin interior, dynamic starting and speed characteristics of the electric drive and significantly increased energy consumption of the modular battery accessory.


The new model of a practical and multifunctional electric vehicle has no age preferences, young motorists and amateurs with a long driving experience will find a lot of useful and interesting things in the design and equipment of the crossover.

The front view of the front end is expressively and interestingly decorated in its own way.

In the photo and advertising videos in the front view of the VW series ID.5 of 2021, it looks stylish and quite presentable in all respects.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

In the spotlight:

• panoramic frontal glazing;

• high stepped reliefs of the hood sides;

• futuristic design of xenon head optics, shaded with decorative chrome plating and strokes of running lights;

• large-format ventilation diffusers located on the sidewalls of the wide bumper.

The front end is equipped with a textured mesh of the trapezoid of the lower air intake and a protective panel, which is characteristic of the crossover layout, made of durable unpainted plastic body kit.

In the lateral projection of the crossover, positive emotions are generated by:

• a gentle aerodynamic slope, supplemented by roof rails and a spoiler visor;

• silver upper semi-perimeter and side glazing sill ascending to the rear pillar;

• wedge-shaped mirror configuration, as well as a proportional ratio of undulating and stepped body reliefs.

The belonging of the electric crossover Volkswagen ID.5 2021 to the SUV segment is confirmed by short overhangs, high ground clearance and a set of specific external attachments.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

The lower body perimeter differs from similar analogues by the massive protective and decorative plastic «skirt», spacious wheel arches, as well as the original «turbine» design of off-road wheels made of aluminum composite.

The new crossover body in the rear view is decorated in a somewhat unusual way. In design features:

• compact dimensions by a third of the rear glazing covered with a spoiler visor;

• visually overloaded with symbols, LED strip lights and deep reliefs high tailgate;

• metal-plastic body kit equipped with foglights and silver linings.

The interesting branded graphics of the side lights received a lot of positive feedback and comments.


The volume of the cabin, with fabric or leather trim, offers a decent level of boarding and road service to the driver and four passengers. High-quality facing plastic and elements of metal decor are used in its design.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

The front panel includes a compact, multi-mode virtual instrument cluster. The standard equipment and electronics are activated by the command buttons of the sports multifunction steering wheel, the touchpad of the media-command display of the center console and the touch panel located on the lower tier.

• In the construction of the tunnel there is a block of ports for connecting digital gadgets, a compact knob for switching transmission modes, a nominal list of organizers and an armrest combined with the volume of a mini-refrigerator.

In the new generation, the crossover offers a number of interesting user technologies, in particular, remote control of standard options using a special smartphone application, compatibility of multimedia and other electronic equipment with different digital standards.

Perfectly profiled front seats with lateral support elements are equipped with heating and ventilation circuits, as well as an extended list of adjustment options.

The travel service of the rear sofa is more modest, there is an adjustable backrest tilt, a folding armrest and the possibility of longitudinal movement in the range of up to 200 mm.

The problem of transportation of monoblock oversized cargo is solved by increasing the loading volume of the trunk from 510 to 960 liters due to the time-saving transformation of the rear seats.


The outer dimensions of the new five-door in proportional ratios of 4625×1891 and 1609 mm are copied from the predecessor of the 4th series without changes.

Volkswagen ID.5 2021.

• The basic model of the crossover on the proprietary MEB modular platform is rear-wheel drive, an electric motor with a capacity of 204 hp. provides the dynamics of the exchange of the first hundred already at the 9th second, as well as a maximum speed of 180 km / h limited by electronic blocking.

• The test drive has confirmed that the power capacity of the battery of 83 kWh is sufficient for a 500 km run without intermediate recharging.

Connecting to a proprietary charging terminal restores 80 percent of the battery capacity in an average of 40 minutes.

The advantages of the new brand assortment are comfortable independent suspension, high ground clearance, the presence of running stabilizers, disc brakes and additional functionality of road safety systems.

Options and prices

In the domestic market, the new Volkswagen ID.5 of the 2021 model year is promised in three main modifications. The price of the base model is 45.3 thousand euros, the 1st and 1st Max models, respectively, 48.7 and 58.5 thousand.


The top positions in the list of competitors are occupied by similar developments of other leading brands, such as Mercedes-Benz EQB, Tesla Model Y, BMW iX3 and Honda Fit.

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