Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

Bugatti Chiron Sport has got an «aviation» special version «Les Legendes du Ciel».

Hypercar Bugatti Chiron received a new special version called «Les Legendes du Ciel», which can be translated from French as «Legends of Heaven.»

It is reported that the modification is dedicated to the legendary racers of the last century, who at one time were also considered outstanding pilots.

These include Albert Divo, Robert Benoist and Bartolomeo Costantini. The special version is based on the Chiron Sport and has a matte gray body paint «Gris Serpent». By the way, a similar color was widely in demand in the aircraft industry of the 1920s.

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

The body of the car is adorned with a glossy white stripe that begins at the bonnet, runs through the roof and ends at the rear wing. Plus outside on the two-door you can see the colors of the French flag.

For example, the blue-white-red tricolor flaunts on the rapids.

Among other features of the exterior of the modification, it is worth noting the glossy black execution of the branded horseshoe of the radiator grille with curly slats, designed to resemble the parade formation of fighters.

In addition, the car boasts an inconel-made tailpipe trim.

When the doors are opened, the special version logo is projected onto the roadway.

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

The interior of such a hypercar itself is notable for the trim made of light brown Gaucho leather, which is designed to resemble the natural leather of all the same aircraft of the beginning of the last century.

The interior of the Bugattu Chiron Les Legendes du Ciel is characterized by a special diamond-cut and pearl-grained aluminum décor, with a propeller pattern on the headrests of the seats and an image of the classic Bugatti Type 13 with a Nieuport 17 aircraft on the door panels. comfortable seats and a panoramic roof.

The engine cover of the special version is made of «bare» carbon fiber, while the coupe is powered by a standard 8.0-liter W16 with four turbines, developing 1,500 hp. (1,600 Nm).

With this engine, the donor Chiron Sport is able to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 2.4 seconds, reaching speeds up to an electronically limited 420 km / h.

A total of 20 copies of the French hypercar performed by Les Legendes du Ciel will be produced at a price of 2.88 million euros each (259 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

Car production will begin at the end of the twentieth, with the first customers receiving their cars at the beginning of the twenty-first.

Gasoline for 315,000 rubles: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport’s fuel consumption has been published.

Employees of the American Environmental Protection Agency have calculated the average annual fuel consumption of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport hypercar. It is powered by an 8.0-liter W16 four-turbine engine that produces 1,500 hp.

On the highway, such a car consumes 18.09 liters of fuel per 100 km of run, while the usual Chiron needs 16.8 liters.

Fuel consumption in the combined cycle reaches 23.52 liters (+ 2.14), and in the city a powerful hypercar needs 29.4 liters of fuel (+ 3.27).

Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021.

Taking into account these data, it turns out that 40 km of run on the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will cost the owner $ 6.93 (almost 530 rubles at the current exchange rate).

If in a year a motorist drives 15 thousand miles (24 100 km), of which 45% he will drive around the city, and 55% along the highway, then the total amount of gasoline will go to $ 4,150 (about 315,000 rubles).

Thus, American analysts came to the conclusion that for five years of operating a hypercar in a similar mode, the owner will have to pay for fuel 15 thousand dollars more (1.14 million rubles) than an American with an average car.

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