Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug: it took 1.5 years to create such a special version. Bugatti presented an exclusive instance of the Divo hypercar called «Lady Bug», built on the special order of one of the clients of the French brand.

The main feature of the Bugatti Divo Lady Bug is the unique “Custom Special Red” paintwork with a diamond pattern and numerous black accents. According to the developers, this design emphasizes the sporty silhouette of the model.

It took the French a whole year and a half to develop and apply such a drawing. In the process, they used both a computer 3D model and a «rough» copy of the hypercar.

The most difficult thing was to correctly «draw» on the body a pattern consisting of 1,600 miniature rhombuses. At some point, Bugatti’s specialists even wanted to abandon the project, but then they still found the strength to bring it to the finish line.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

The unique Bugatti Divo Lady Bug was handed over to the client in early 2021. The company did not disclose the name of the customer, but said that its collection already includes such models as the Vision Gran Turismo, Chiron and Veyron Vitesse.

The client was very pleased with the exclusive performance, but how much he had to pay for such a car — history is silent. Note that the original Divo costs from 5.0 million euros (444.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and the special version definitely cost even more.

Exclusive hypercar Bugatti Divo Lady Bug and 1600 cells.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

The Bugatti Divo coupe, based on the Chiron model and named after French driver Albert Divό, was unveiled back in the summer of 2018. And even then, the entire declared circulation of 40 cars found its customers. But that was only the beginning.

It took two years to agree on a complete set of cars and their assembly: the first commercial Bugatti Divo were handed over to customers only in August 2020! And the company decided to tell about one of the copies separately, because they had to tinker with it especially painstakingly.

In the photos — Bugatti Divo Lady Bug, that is, «ladybug». This car was ordered by an unnamed collector from the United States. It would seem that he did not ask to change the design of the coupe, that is, additional bodywork was not included in the order. However, the company spent two and a half years on the special coloring!

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

It took a year and a half only to develop graphics and tinting: the customer turned out to be very demanding and for a long time sought from Bugatti specialists the desired result, ideally suited for complex body plastics.

As a result, a new color, Customer Special Red, appeared in the corporate palette, used in combination with a graphite shade. And in order to make contrasting diamond-shaped cells on the sides, the company used film pasting, and the correct arrangement of the cells (there are about 1600 in total) on the original film was not achieved the first time.

Bugatti Divo Lady Bug 2021.

The corporate legend says that at some point the Bugatti specialists were already ready to give up and tell the customer that his desire was unrealizable, but nevertheless they solved the task. The Lady Bug is completely ready, already handed over to the client and is one of the last in a series of 40 pieces.

Recall that the Bugatti Divo hypercar is equipped with an eight-liter W16 engine with four turbochargers (1500 hp), the maximum speed is limited at around 380 km / h.

The starting price is five million euros, but all the whims of the customer are paid additionally, and they are clearly not cheap. In the next couple of months, all of the remaining Divos will be handed over to buyers.

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