Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

The new Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC: improved aerodynamics and more power.

Atelier DMC from Dusseldorf (Germany) has presented a modified version of the supercar Ferrari 296 GTB.

Modification from German tuners got name «Squalo», that means «Shark» in translation from Italian.

The workshop has installed a new carbon fiber dodger on the Italian two-door. In particular, the car got new side «skirts» attached to the sills and a rear wing.

According to tuners, these components have improved the downforce generated at speed.

Another component of the body kit is a rear diffuser with several vertical fins.

There is no information about the changes in the interior. As for the technology, DMC specialists were able to increase the performance of the hybrid supercar.

We shall remind you that Ferrari 296 GTB has a 3.0-liter turbo V6 and 167-horsepower electric motor MGU-K from the factory, and the latter is placed between the engine and eight-band DCT robot.

Total output of these units reaches 830 «horsepower».

The German studio was able to increase the performance of the hybrid unit to 888 «horses».

To achieve the desired result by refining the fuel injection system and installing a proprietary engine management module.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

AMD notes that the modified supercar is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.8 seconds (- 0.1). Tuners don’t give any details about the Squalo’s cost.

DMC Tuning turned Ferrari 296 GTB into 888-horsepower «Shark».

German tuning studio DMC from Dusseldorf presented its new project.

Ferrari 296 GTB coupe became the first road car of the Italian brand with V6 engine.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

The car with a 663-horsepower 3.0-liter turbo engine is equipped with a 167-horsepower electric motor MGU-K, built between the engine and the 8-speed DCT «robot».

Total efficiency of a hybrid unit reaches 830 horsepower. But even this was not enough for tuners, so they finalized the car and got a significant increase in power.

DMC Tuning studio has added power to the six-cylinder hybrid Ferrari: thanks to modifications to the injection system and engine control unit, the total capacity of the hybrid power plant of V6 biturbo and electric motor increased to 888 horsepower.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

As a result, the redesigned supercar 296 GTB accelerates from a standing start to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.8 seconds — 0.1 faster than the standard car.

In addition, the tuners decided to add personality to the model with a carbon fiber aerodynamic bodykit, which in addition adds downforce.

Ferrari 296 GTB from DMC.

Side skirts are attached to the sills, and the stern is decorated with a diffuser and a wing. The studio called its project Squalo — «Shark» in Italian.

The engine is notable for its nitrided steel crankshaft and IHI turbochargers in the split block.

The MGU-K formula electric motor is powered by a 7.45 kilowatt-hour battery located in the floor, consisting of 80 cells and combining the power structure and cooling circuit in a single unit.

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