Ferrari Roma by Novitec.

Ferrari Roma от Novitec.

Ferrari Roma by Novitec.

Ferrari Roma from Novitec: carbon fiber bodykit, fancy rims and a 700 hp chip.

In the fall of 1919 Ferrari has presented Ferrari Roma coupe, and now the Germans from Novitec have prepared for the Italian two-door a program of revisions, which not only change its appearance, but also increase the performance of the model.

In terms of exterior, the modified Ferrari Roma is notable for the presence of a body kit.

The components of the latter are made of «bare» carbon fiber and have a glossy coating.

In front the coupe got a new grille, headlamp covers and pronounced splitter. On the side it received aerodynamic «skirts» and other mirror housings.

Tuners also paid attention to the front end of the two-door: there is an active spoiler, edging of the lights and modified diffuser with an additional vertical «fin».

Ferrari Roma от Novitec.

Such dodger looks quite restrained, but it can’t be said about the wheels.

The thing is that the tuners installed forged rollers NF10 from Vossen.

The front and rear wheels have 21-inch and 22-inch rims, respectively 255/30 and 315/25 for front and rear.

Ferrari Roma от Novitec.

It is reported that these wheels can be offered in three different polishes and as many as 72 different paint options.

As for the interior, the German studio used leather and alcantara, and the color of these materials can be chosen.

Ferrari Roma от Novitec.

In terms of technology Novitek specialists boosted 3.9-liter V8 engine with two turbines.

As standard the latter produces 620 hp and 760 Nm, but tuners managed to increase its output to 704 hp and 882 Nm of torque.

Such a boost was achieved by installing a proprietary module N-Tronic, which allows you to use a special setting of the engine.

Ferrari Roma от Novitec.

It is reported that finalized Ferrari Roma can accelerate from zero to a hundred in 3.2 seconds (- 0.2), and from 0-200 km/h in 8.9 seconds (- 0.4). You can accelerate a coupe up to 325 km/h (+ 5).

In addition to forcing the motor, the studio also lowered the suspension of the model by 35 mm, installing sport springs.

At the same time the company provides the opportunity to raise the front axle of the car by 40 mm, which could help to avoid damage to the splitter when passing a variety of road hazards.

Unfortunately Novitec did not announce the cost of tuning kit for the Roma.

Recall that the car itself costs $ 222,630 (16.1 million rubles at current exchange rate), which means that the program of its improvement is certainly not affordable.

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