Ferrari F8 Tributo от Mansory.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory.

Ferrari F8 Tributo от Mansory.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory: redesigned appearance and even more power.

Mansory atelier has presented a seriously modified copy of the Ferrari F8 Tributo supercar. The tuners named this modification “F8XX”.

Outside, the two-door has a unique body color, where the main color is chosen green shade «Catania Green», which is effectively combined with golden stripes and the same inscriptions on the sidewalls.

The 2021 Ferrari F8XX from Mansory has a different front bumper with carbon flaps and fins. Plus, it has mirrors, side skirts, air intakes, a spoiler and two miniature spoilers (in the style of the track Ferrari FXX K) made of carbon.

In addition, a new bumper and diffuser have been added to the rear of the tuned supercar with a revised exhaust system layout.

The final touch was the installation of gold-colored 21- and 22-inch forged wheels on the front and rear, respectively.

Mansori’s specialists also finalized the interior of the Italian two-door. The interior of the modification was almost completely finished in beige leather, although the tuners diluted the interior decoration with a number of white accents.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory.

Plus the F8XX boasts more efficient technical stuffing. Now the 3.9-liter V8 biturbo engine produces 880 hp. (+ 160) and 980 Nm (+ 210).

It is interesting that such a significant increase in power was achieved by reconfiguring the software.

According to the studio, the modified supercar “shoots” from zero to hundreds in 2.6 seconds, and its speed limit is 354 km / h. But the cost of tuning in the workshop was not named.

The extreme Ferrari F8 Tributo has been perfected at Mansory.

Masters from Mansory are not the first time to modify the supercars of the Ferrari brand — to take at least the Stallone GTS, which was released a few weeks earlier.

But if it was designed with an emphasis on driving pleasure, today’s project focuses on uncompromising performance on the track.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo was taken on the role of «donor», and the result was named MANSORY F8XX.

The entire body kit and some of the panels were replaced with branded «forged» carbon, which led to a significant reduction in weight.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory.

The arches were specially designed for the project YT.5 monoblock discs measuring 21 by 9.5 inches at the front and 22 by 12 at the rear. The body has been painted in the exclusive Catania Green shade, and the suspension has been re-tuned for the reduced weight.

The main tuning feature was the boosting of the standard 720 hp engine. and 770 Nm to 880 hp. and 960 Nm. For this, the 3.9-liter «eight» had enough new control software and an exhaust system.

According to the project engineers, the upgrade did not slow down the engine’s response to pressing the gas pedal. The MANSORY F8XX sprints in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 354 km / h.

The cherry on top is an all-new interior décor, where soft beige leather reigns supreme with crisp white appliqués and generous portions of black carbon fiber for contrast.

The steering wheel has been replaced with a branded model, and everywhere you look, the atelier’s logos flaunt.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory.

Mansory F8XX coupe came out colorful and very fast

The next work from Mansory does not look like something special. Like other cars that drove out of the gates of the studio, the F8XX coupe based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo turned out to be colorful.

The body is finished in vibrant Catania Green, while the stripes, door lettering and forged wheels are finished in gold.

They did not forget about the wild aerodynamic body kit, each element of which is made of carbon fiber. However, Mansory specialists made the two-door F8XX exceptional in another way — technically.

This is the most powerful sports car Mansory, built on the basis of a mid-engined Ferrari model.

The changes in appearance are colossal! It differs from the donor Mansory F8XX in other bumpers, front fenders, trunk and engine covers, sills and side mirror housings. Instead of a neat retractable spoiler, there are two small spoilers.

Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory.

Branded YT.5 wheels are shod with Continental SportContact 6 tires in 255/30 R21 dimensions at the front and 335/25 R22 at the rear.

The rear panel and bumper, diffuser and exhaust pipes are new.
The interior is completely upholstered with natural leather from Mansory — even the pillars and the ceiling are upholstered with it.

New items also include a steering wheel with carbon fiber trim, seats with the name of the atelier on the headrests and trimming the floor and rugs in leather with diamond stitching.

The Germans did not even go deeply and confined themselves to installing new software and an exhaust system with less backpressure.

As a result, the output of the V8 3.9 biturbo engine increased from the factory 720 hp. and 770 N • m to 880 and 960, respectively.

At the same time, the acceleration time to a hundred in a car with a seven-speed «robot» dropped from 2.9 to 2.6 s, and the maximum speed, on the contrary, increased — from 340 to 354 km / h.

Here you would see information that the tuners have also modified the brakes, but no — the mechanisms are standard (six-piston fixed calipers in the front and four-piston in the back).

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