Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

Fiat will unveil the Pulse Abarth crossover with a 185-horsepower turbocharged engine.

The debut crossover under the Abarth brand will be available for purchase on the South American car market. Its sales will start not earlier than 2023.

Spanish concern Fiat will start production of «pimped» versions of its models under the Abarth brand.

At the moment, the model line includes versions of the tiny three-door foreign car Fiat 500.

At the moment more powerful models Abarth 595 and Abarth 695 are available for European car enthusiasts.

It is noteworthy that the Abarth division still has not released its own modification of the crossover Fiat 500X. Now it became known that it will appear in Brazil, but not in Europe.

According to the Brazilian portal QuatroRodas, the debut crossover Abarth is designed based on the recently debuted foreign car Fiat Pulse.

This small-sized five-door model is 4.1 meters long. It doesn’t have an elevated seating position and has only a front-wheel drive system.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

The more powerful version of the Abarth Pulse will get a turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.3 liters and output of 185 «horses», as well as reinforced suspension, improved brakes and a brutal dodger.

The debut of the crossover brand Abarth is scheduled for the end of 2022. The start of sales will be announced in 2023 in South American countries.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

Brazilian edition QuatroRodas has found out details about the new project of Fiat — a powerful crossover under the Abarth brand, which will be sold in South America.

According to insider information, they took the Pulse model which was shown this summer as the base: the «charged» version is predicted to have 185-horsepower turbocharged 1.3 liter engine (the standard Pulse has 110 horsepower), reinforced brakes and suspension, as well as a sports body kit.

Unofficial renders show how the future Abarth Pulse could look like.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

The «overcharged» Pulse is shown with black bumpers of a different design and a black grille with a grid, and there are massive round exhaust pipes and a diffuser at the back.

Fiat logos have been replaced by Abarth, similar to the Abarth 500, and white racing stripes appeared on the sills.

The Abarth Pulse is not expected to appear on the market until 2023, and it will only be sold in South America (like the Fiat Pulse).

As for the standard Pulse, it is built on the MLA platform, complete with four airbags, a multimedia system with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and top versions will have adaptive cruise control.

Fiat Pulse Abarth 2023.

Besides the mentioned 1,3-liter capacity motor with 110 horsepower for novelties can be offered and liter «turbo» with giving out 125 horsepower which is combined with six-band automatic.

Earlier Fiat has updated a pickup Toro in Brazil, which is constructed on the base of Jeep Compass.

With restyling the model has changed externally, got new electronics and got a 1.3-liter turbo engine with direct injection. It develops 180 horsepower on petrol and 185 — on ethanol.

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