Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

Judging by the video, this is the fastest and most powerful Ford Mustang GT3 in history.

A video has appeared on a foreign YouTube channel in which you can see test tests of the Ford Mustang GT3 racing.

The car looks fast and sounds like thunder from a clear sky. The American racing car was filmed at the Misano circuit in Italy.

The Ford Mustang GT3 debuted back in June. We’ve seen plenty of photos showing off the racing version of the iconic pony car, but this new video from Italiansupercarvideo on YouTube gives us the first real look at what the Mustang can do.

According to the video description, this particular GT3 will be raced by Italian team Dinamic GT in the 2024 GT World Challenge Europe series.

The video was filmed during a test session at Misano, a 4.5 kilometer long circuit located in northern Italy.

Although there are other cars on the track in the video, it is difficult not to make out the signature roar of the powerful V8.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

Even crew members from other racing teams turn their heads when the Mustang comes out of the pits, as you can clearly see at the beginning of the video. This car is definitely an attention grabber.

Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 5.4-liter V8 engine.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

No specific power output is mentioned, but the GT3 category allows a maximum of 600 horsepower, so it’s safe to assume the Mustang is close to that figure.

The GT3 isn’t just an aggressively aerodynamic Mustang GT, it uses a gearbox rather than a transmission attached directly to the engine.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

Mounted at the rear, it provides better weight distribution for the GT3. And, naturally, it’s decked out in all sorts of aerodynamic components designed to help it stay on the track.

The Mustang GT3 will also head to Le Mans in 2024 as part of the Proton Competition campaign.

If you want a sort of Mustang GT3 that you can drive on the street, you can buy a Mustang GTD.

Ford Mustang GT3 2024.

This is the road-going version of the GT3, replacing the naturally aspirated engine with a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 producing 800 hp.

You still get the transmission, as well as crazy aerodynamics and bragging rights for owning what may be the fastest road-legal Mustang ever.


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