Geely Monjaro 2023.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

Not long before the release in Russia: Geely Monjaro got the most technological unit. All details.

At the end of last year, the Chinese auto giant Geely introduced a hybrid modification of the Xingyue L crossover.

This model should soon enter the Russian market. Here it will change its name to Monjaro.

On the territory of the Celestial Empire, the parkette, as well as its fuel variation, are very popular.

Therefore, it was no surprise that the Chinese brand decided to expand the motor lineup Geely Monjaro 2023 with another engine.

Thus, on the passing week, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has posted images and information about the Geely Monjaro 2023 with a new installation.

The car got a hybrid system with a plug-in module. In addition, the installation includes a fairly large battery, which allows the parquet car to travel a certain distance without the participation of the internal combustion engine.

According to the published information, the overall dimensions of the Chinese model remained unchanged.

Its length is still 4,770 mm with a wheelbase of 2,845 mm. Width and height of the car reached 1895 and 1689 mm, respectively.
At the same time the manufacturer has slightly redesigned the appearance of the crossover. In particular, the parkette received new bumpers. In addition, there is a port for charging the battery.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

The new hybrid unit, put on the Geely Monjaro 2023, is based on a turbocharged 1.5 liter unit.

It works in tandem with a small electric motor. The total power of the entire system is 204 horsepower.

Together with the hybrid a battery of Chinese company CATL is installed.

Buyers will have two options for battery capacity: 39.63 and 39.81 kWh. Weight of the first battery is 249 kg, and the second — 255 kg.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

The introduction of the battery led to a slightly increased average fuel consumption of the car.

From 4.79 liters per «hundred» with the other hybrid unit to 5.3 liters in the new version.

However, the introduction of the battery has led to the fact that the car can now travel exclusively on electricity up to 205 kilometers.

The cost of the new modification of the model, as well as the exact date of the debut, has not yet been named by the developer.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

As for our country, in Russia the new Gili Monjaro 2023 should debut before the end of this year.

At first the manufacturer will offer only a gasoline version of the crossover.

Representatives of the Chinese company are confident that the model will enjoy serious demand in the territory of the Russian Federation.

This is due not only to its attractive exterior, modern interior and good equipment, but also to the fact that it is perfectly adapted for operation at extremely low temperatures.

Geely Monjaro 2023.

This has been confirmed by test drives conducted by the manufacturer.

In particular, the tests were conducted in Surgut, where the thermometer column goes down to very low temperatures in winter. In total, during the tests, the parket car «wound up» about 15,000 kilometers.

As a result, the new Monjaro did not give any reason to doubt itself for a second. All body parts, including rubber seals and plastic panels managed to keep their properties.

In addition, there were no problems with the car’s functionality. All of its systems, including engine start, heating and climate control worked smoothly. Suspension and braking system did not fail either.

We shall remind you that in our country the «Chinaman» will be equipped with a 2.0-liter supercharged motor, the output of which reaches 238 horsepower.

It is supposed to be paired with eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Besides, the automobile will have a four-wheel drive system. Cost of the crossover for the Russian Federation has not yet been reported.


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